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Urban Halo introduces eco-friendly headbands

Custom printed Child's Play print
Custom printed Child's Play print
Urban Halo

Whether you hit the gym on a regular basis or you just like to be fashionable, Urban Halo has a unique line of headbands that may be of interest to anyone wishing to live a greener lifestyle. The product line, which includes a series of products for men, were designed by a woman named Jen who is a runner, stay-at-home mom, and self proclaimed group fitness junkie. After searching for what she considered the "perfect headband" and failing, Jen turned to her sewing machine with the cutest fabric she could find and inspiration struck. Soon after, the first "Urban Halo" was born. What makes Jen's designs better than the competition? Urban Halos are stylish, functional and do not create headaches like so many other products in the marketplace. The line consists of several products:

Urban Halo is introducing a new line of eco-friendly headbands
Urban Halo
  • Signature halos in unique, eye catching prints
  • Solid halos in trendy and classic colors
  • Rhinestone halos which feature flashy designs
  • Iron halos for the men
  • Studio scarves which can be used as a cover up before and after workouts

The entire product line are fashioned from a buttery soft fabric that is made using eco-friendly, waterless processes in the United States. Not only are Urban Halos eco-friendly, they are patriotic, too! For more information, and to view the entire product line and patterns, please visit the Urban Halo website or Facebook page.