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Uraling to the Fourth Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show

 Gorgeous 1930 Indian Chief with just the right patina
Gorgeous 1930 Indian Chief with just the right patina

Scarlett and I attended a great vintage motorcycle show today in Golden, Co. All manner of marques and motorcycles vintage and some not so vintage gathered for the enjoyment of the show attendees and lucky passers-by who were enroute to the other venues at Heritage Square.

The event is hosted each year by the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club but this in no way means the show is composed solely of Japanese Vintage Iron. I saw BMW, Ducati, Moto-Guzzi, Ariel, Puch, Norton, BSA, Triumph, Excelsior, Nimbus and even home made motorcycles sitting pretty alongide Japanese marques such as Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki.

Bob Kelly is one of the organizers of this event and he greeted me warmly soon after I arrived. He and his friend Ron were soon quite busy getting arriving riders and their motorcycles situated and organized; all this while crowds of people walked through the area, visiting the sites other venues and getting a bonus surprise in terms of this vintage motorcycle show.

The Excelsior Henderson Sidecar Rig that was such a hit at Bob Ohman's recent Old Bike Ride made an appearance at this event. A crowd favorite, its rider: John would periodically fire up the engine so that folks could admire the functioning of the exposed valves and the manual spark advance mechanism. Yours truly had never seen this manual spark advance, those riders of old sure had a lot of things to keep track of while riding!

By the time the show officially started at 10:00AM, there were dozens and dozens of gorgeous vintage motorcycles to please any connoisseur. I met friends, made new ones and had quite the enjoyable time wandering amongst these vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

The weather was almost perfect for the event, it did get a bit warm by 11:20AM when I had to leave for family duties. Not all the beautiful iron was in the show however, I saw these in the parking lot along many modern motorcycles whose riders were inside taking in the show.

I am very glad I attended this show, my thanks to Bob and Ron for all the work they did to organize it and keep it going. I look forward to next year's showing, mark you calendars, it's always held the first Sunday in June!

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