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Uraling for Fall Colors near Vail, Colorado

Near Vail, Colorado
Near Vail, Colorado

I was in Parachute, CO in the first half of October....rolling out in the pre-dawn darkness a few minutes before 7:00 AM and in a medium rain. I had been there for a few days, working my regular job as a network engineer contractor.

Turns out, my timing was very good, it apparently got a lot rainier in the Parachute area later on, deluge proportions were reported to me by two separate sources.

Incredible as it may seem, I managed to outrun the rain storm and traveled the rest of the morning under moderately overcast skies and temperatures in the mid to high 40s. In other words, pretty good considering there was a Winter Storm warning announced for the Vail area starting at Noon.

I arrived at Vail a bit before 10:00 AM I believe, skies were still overcast but it did not dull (by much) the beauty of the Fall Colors festooning the nearby hillsides with brilliant yellows and the occasional reds and muted oranges.

The scenery, as you can see above, was very beautiful even under the muted light filtering through the thick clouds overhead. I can only imagine that had the sun been shining, it would have been wondrous.

Ride Safe. Ride Aware

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