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Uraling in Alaska: Hatcher Pass and Eklutna's Spirit Houses

Hatcher Pass
Hatcher Pass

May 8, 2013

Good day of riding and plenty of photo opportunities as the clouds stayed away today and didn't obscure the mountain peaks as in the last couple of days.

First up was a ride to nearby Hatcher Pass, it's just minutes from Wasilla and the road was dry to the furthest parking lot that leads to the trails leading to the Independence Mine.

Bob and I had lunch at the Mad Hatcher Diner. We were the first customers of the day and so it took a bit of time for the food to arrive as things had to get heated up in the kitchen. Still, drinking sodas and resting at a picnic table under the warm Alaskan sun was not a bad way to wait for the food.

After a leisurely lunch, we motored on down Alaska Highway 1, aka Glenn Highway, towards the village of Eklutna. Bob wanted to show me the Russian Orthodox Church and the Spirit Houses sitting on top of graves.

Spirit Houses, are small house models built atop graves, to give the spirit of the person buried there a place to live. I'd never heard of such things before, interesting stuff.

Bob and I then motored down towards Eklutna Lake which also serves as Anchorage's Water Reservoir. The road leading to the lake has sections that are akin to a rollercoaster! Twists and turns are combined with dips and climbs for an enjoyable ride.

It was now time to head home by way of Sharon's school where we watched her teach/rehearse her students. Before we got to the school in Wasilla though, Bob made one more stop along Alaska Highway 1 to allow me to capture one last mountain shot.

Next, I hope to be able to make it all the way to Homer on the southern coast of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and work my way back to Seward; returning to the Anchorage area on the weekend.


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