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Uraling in Alaska: Fairbanks to Wasilla

The Nenana Tripod, which monitors when the ice starts to break on the river....closest person to guess the time won over $300K
The Nenana Tripod, which monitors when the ice starts to break on the river....closest person to guess the time won over $300K

May 5, 2013:

Due to "difficult driving conditions" reported by the Alaska 511 website, I delayed my departure from Fairbanks until close to 11:00AM. Plenty of time therefore to properly pack up the rig.

I got on Alaska Highway 3 on the west side of town and started heading south. The road was a bit ice-covered/slushy at the higher elevations, wet otherwise all the way to nearly Healy.

The weather got clearer as I motored south, with the sun occasionally breaking through the mostly overcast skies of the day. In fact, the weather would be pretty good, with dry roads most of the way between Healy and Trapper Creek which was my last gas stop before reaching Wasilla. It would rain pretty good on me the last 20 miles or so into Wasilla though. Oh well. The rain gear did its job, keeping the wind and rain off me.

No big issues to report, though Valencia did have some idling issues at times when taking that she wouldn't hold idle but then she'd be fine the next stop. I'd seen that behaviour before so not too worried yet. She did however, not like the rain that welcomed me into Wasilla. Not the same rough-running behaviour as before though, just a bit hard to start and had to blip the throttle at times to keep the idle up. I'll check her out tomorrow but not too worried as of yet. I am guessing perhaps the air filter got wet.

I hope you like today's pictures, it's good to be back on the road and riding....sure it was cold from a low of 19°F it would soar to 42°F! Sure it was overcast and icy at first but it would be dry roads most of the day with the sun warm on me at times.

I passed by Denali National Park on the way south on Alaska Highway 3, what a beautiful area, replete with long mountain ranges on both sides of the Nenana River Valley. The above are just a sample of the magnificent views one enjoys while riding this road.

At the Southern View Overlook, one could see Denali in its glory today. Of course, to get this angle, you had to wade into knee deep snow for several feet! I hope to get back to this view point when the snow has been cleared so I can pose Valencia here.

I reached the middle of Wasilla around 7:15 or so, realized I'd almost traveled through the entire city! I got on my phone's GPS, found the address of the folks I was staying with tonight and I was at their place shortly after 7:30 PM. Such nice folks to invite me to spend some time at their home, we'd never met before today and they aren't fellow bloggers (yet) like the other's I've stayed with are!

Bob and Sharon and their names and they've a marvelously decorate home in Wasilla. I get to stay in their "garage".

Garage you say to yourself, well just check out the pictures in the slideshow. Filled with collected treasures found by Sharon here and there, this two car garage was transplanted onto their property from elsewhere and converted as part of the living quarters for an relative: Uncle Danny who has since passed away.

So, now I am in Wasilla, home to Sarah Palin and about an hour from Anchorage, AK, the largest city in Alaska. Next post will be about exploring the Wasilla area.


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