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Ural Sidecars in the 2014 Winter Olympics? Da!

Through their "Irbit Informer" newsletter, the folks at URAL Headquarters had announced the possibility of up to 20 URAL sidecar rigs being part of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Opening Ceremonies, 2014 Winter Olympics
Opening Ceremonies, 2014 Winter Olympics

Obviously this was of interest to this author and I watched the opening ceremonies, hoping for a peek of a red sidecar rig or two.

Two hours and 58 minutes into the ceremony, there they were, all 20 rigs with various show members in sporting poses atop platforms mounted on the sidecars as they were driven, in parade formation, as part of the historical portion of the ceremony.

Quiet a bit of air time devoted to them too, just shy of 30 seconds while the world looked on. I hope you like the video and the pictures.

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