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Upton Tigers: Kate Upton banned from wearing Tigers gear at Yankee Stadium

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are one of the hottest Hollywood/Sports couples currently dating, but the New York Yankees don't care. According to an ESPN report on Aug. 10, Upton was at Yankee Stadium last week to see Verlander when the Detroit Tigers were in town. Anyone who watched the game saw Kate, especially since the cameras panned in on her several times per inning.

Kate Upton watches the Tigers at Yankee Stadium.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

One thing fans didn't know at the time is that the blonde bombshell was forbidden to wear a Tiger hat. Actually, Upton told Michael Strahan that she was forbidden to wear any Tigers gear at Yankee Stadium. Upton who was an admitted Yankees fan before she hooked up with JV said she was disappointed and shocked at the Yankee brass.

"I felt it, too, when I walked in," Upton said on her appearance with "Live with Kelly and Michael". "They told me, the Yankees told me, you're not allowed to wear a Tigers hat, you're not allowed to wear any Tigers gear."

That seems kinda of petty, really. All you have to do is watch a game to see that their are always opponents gear in the crowd, it comes with the territory. Obviously the Yankees were trying to make a statement because of Upton's fame. Who knows, maybe they are upset that Upton is with Verlander and not Derek Jeter! It does seem a bit strange that the Yankees organization would actually forbid someone to wear the opponents gear. Sounds like there may be a bit more to this story that fans may never know.

Upton went on to talk about her all-star boyfriend, explaining that he likes to be in a bad mood before he hits the mound on game day.

"He'd seem like he was in a bad mood before he pitched, so I'd be like joke, joke, joke, joke, trying to cheer him up," Upton told co-host Michael Strahan. "He got mad at me. He said, 'Stop making me laugh, I'm trying to be angry.'"

If the Tigers make the playoffs and face New York, will the Detroit brass make Yankee gear "illegal" at Comerica Park? Stay tuned!

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