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Uptick in Hiring, Be Wise

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CNN reported the economy was on the verge of improving and businesses are hiring cautiously. Explore how company cultures may have changed during this last economic downturn? With such an enormous influx of corporate improprieties, unscrupulous actions and falsification coming to attention in the media, new hires should be cautious entering a new company. Are employees hypersensitive or fearful of new hires? What panic attacks or inspire attacks on newbies that lowers the morale?

To help minimize this concern, new employees should have a great understanding about the reasons their position became available.
• Learn first, what the challenges and issues were confronting the person who previously held it.
• Find out if by hiring you, have those concerns been resolved or still needs to be addressed.
• Discuss a plan of action for the next 30-60-90 days as a matter engaging on relevant changes, structures and procedures.
• Seek out a mentor early on. This is a great resource for any challenges facing the tasks given.
• Steer clear of volunteering too early on minor projects. There's plenty of time later so commit to the new responsibilities, unless recommended by your supervisor.
• Establish an open dialogue with those outside of your functional area or department. This could bring clarity to unspoken struggles left cloaked from newbies at the water cooler.
• Make sure new tasks align with your job description. Most newbie’s won’t want to refuse invitations or chances to bond with co-workers but clearly taking on too much could not only be overwhelming, but a stark reflection of your time management skills.
• Spend time on the organization's processes and other environmental factors.
Worst case scenario even a simple task, if not given priority or fully understood how it meshes with the company’s unspoken beliefs could stymie a great hire in a hurry. Learn fast and matriculate into the cultural values, policies, procedures, information systems and ready-to-use templates available to you. That works.
There is a reason why the company hired you. They need you and expect you to succeed. Be confident, “You’re that Gal or Guy.” Not to mention, they don't want to repeat the process of rehiring for that same position anytime soon. Hey, take lots of notes and due diligence in making this your career. The best use of time should apply to getting to know the co-workers by listening and watching, applying lessons learned quickly and utilizing best practices instantly to do the job you were hired to do. #For such a time as this… Good Luck, although, luck had nothing to do with it.

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