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Upstate Unleashed: Interview with Sean of Neverfall

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Hailing from upstate South Carolina, Neverfall is doing their solemn best to sustain thrash metal in the Carolinas and bring a fresh new jolt to the scene. They have been melting faces and blowing minds since 2010 and now are on the rise, playing show with some of metal’s finest both nationally and regionally, as well as prepping to release an epic new EP. We recently got a chance to pick the brain of founding member and frontman, Sean Lock about Neverfall’s origins, his personal inspiration and the plans for 2014.

How did Neverfall come together?
Neverfall came together through myself meeting Drew Durham our lead guitar player at high school through a mutual friend of ours. We cycled through a few bass players before landing on Mike Brushaber. Next, we found Ethan McGuinn, our drummer, and, at the time, vocalist Brandon Brown. Brandon left the band on personal reasons so I took over vocals. We all shared a love for thrash metal so it all came together nicely

Where did the name come from?
The name came from our vocalist at the time, Brandon. We were struggling to make something fit and suggested we just try something uncompromising and unbreakable so we ended up with Neverfall.

How would you describe your sound to someone that’s never heard your band?
I would describe our style as old school era Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, and Death Angel with some newer elements.

Who are some of your musical heroes?
My personal guitar heroes are Rob Cavestany, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, and Eric Peterson. I've always idolized that heavy, angry, savagery of thrash and especially all of their riffs and rhythm playing.

What was your first concert?
My first concert that I remember was seeing Linkin Park on their “Meteora” tour. Followed by Metallica at Download Festival. There were so many bands on the bill my brain couldn't comprehend it (laughs). I remember fragments of it and I just remember it being awesome. I personally like seeing bands at venues like The Orange Peel, The Fillmore, The Tabernacle, The Masquerade, and of course, Ground zero. The reason why is (because) it's more personal and more close proximity.

What would you say has been your best show to date?
That's honestly a tough question. We try to stay busy playing a lot of shows, we've had some really killer ones and some pretty bad ones before. The two most recent shows at Ground zero and The Saloon were definitely two of my favorite ones

What is your favorite song to play?
Of our songs my personal favorite song to play is “Savage” on our EP that's being released soon. The record is called As the World Burns, so look for it soon!!

How you go about the songwriting process?
The way my songwriting works is I can't usually just sit down and write I have to be in a certain vibe or mood because I want it to be a reflection of something I want to share with people. I usually write most of our material and take it drew and we hammer out bits and pieces and make it work then take it to Ethan and get the rest of it sorted out. I try not to approach like hey I want to write about this and have it sound this way because then you never quite get what you're looking for and you lose a lot of feel to your music. I'd rather have someone listen to our music and groove with it as opposed to just listening to it and be able to tell it's not genuine

What is your favorite thing about performing live?
For me the best part of playing live is seeing people enjoy our music. Something we made for someone who may not have heard us and then leave and say that was awesome. That's my favorite part. Aside from being able to play loud and proud, living in an apartment does have it's negatives (laughs).

What are Neverfall’s plans for the future?
As far as plans for the future are concerned, we want to be on the road playing, recording the full length record, and be out at a lot more local shows. I think it's an important thing for all local bands to not just promote the bills they're on or playing at but go to other shows and help the scene we have grow, things won't ever prosper unless you contribute and give a little. We all have our own things we have to deal with, life, school, work and families but for some of us music is all we have and that is what we want to see grow.

You can keep up with Neverfall on Facebook and on ReverbNation to get a listen to their latest tunes and show updates! Up next they'll be opening for Anvil on April 4 with Alias For Now at Ground Zero. So much metal you won't want to miss it!