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Upstate Unleashed: Interview with RedEFIND

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When looking at the history of Greenville, S.C’s music scene, you can see how over time it has adapted, expanded and changed as bands have come and gone, broken up and reassembled in different patterns and formations. One such reformation is RedEFIND which consists of Jimmy Charlton (ex-9th Corner, vocals), Dustan Snow (drums), Clay “Kupo” Williams (guitar), and Drew Porter (bass). These guys are no strangers to the hard work it takes to make a band work. Now in RedEFIND, they are diving in head first to bring a new spin to modern metal, and they're working to spread word one show at a time. We recently got a chance to pick the brain of drummer Dustan Snow to find out what created RedEFIND, what their aim is and their plans for 2014.

Tell us a little about the band.
Our band, REdEFIND, is a metal band trying to reinvigorate the scene by putting together a style of music, look, and stage presentation that brings together the feel of the old school nu-metal and alternative metal styles with a touch of a more modern metal to make a sound that is old meets new.

How did you come up with the name “REdEFIND”?
Well, Jimmy was the one who came up with the REdEFIND name, and that name comes from the same place as our style. It's all about trying to redefine the sound of the modern metal scene.

What would say was your biggest accomplishment in 2013?
Our biggest accomplishments in 2013 were firstly recording our album, which is going to released very soon, and secondly getting to open up for Mushroomhead early in 2013. It was probably our biggest show to date, and a great honor to share the stage with a great band that has heavily influenced our music.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’d never heard you before?
This is a question we get asked a lot, but we consider ourselves to be alternative metal. We've got lots of little elements from different music styles mixed together, bits of hip hop, a little bit of thrash, and more straight forward metal. It's really hard to describe something that pulls influences from so many different places metal and non-metal alike.

What is one thing people would never guess from looking or hearing you guys?
Well we don't have a lot of secrets there's not really any personas we put on when we go on stage. So it wouldn't be hard to guess about us. Other than Drew's a big nerd who loves Pokemon and Doctor Who, but other than that you could probably get a good guess of what we're like off stage from listening to our music and seeing us live.

What are four words that describe your band dynamic/ inner workings?
Determined, Creative, Energetic, Humble

Who is the most outrageous band member?
Kupo, more cause he's the biggest mystery nobody knows what's going through that head. He could be Batman for all we know.

Where did your love of music originate?
We've all just kinda been raised around music our whole life; it just kinda developed from that. When you're raised around music it's just natural.

What are your plans for 2014?
First thing to get our album "Streets of Yesterday" out, and from there to keep playing more shows and getting out and reaching more people

So, if you’re looking for something new to add to your rock rotation, check out RedEFIND and hear what’s new in nu-metal! You can check out RedEFIND as they open for Primer 55 at Ground Zero on Thursday, February 20 with Razorz Edge and Amnesis. You can also keep up with them on Facebook and ReverbNation to listen to some tunes and see where they’ll be next.