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Upstate Unleashed: Interview with Camori

Camori is only just getting started!
Camori is only just getting started!

Late 2013 saw the ending of many things and the advent of many others, one of which was Camori. Sprouting from the fertile Charlotte, N.C music scene came this spacey, sci-fi infused ensemble ripe with fresh ideas and new determination. The band debuted at The Saloon in The NC Music Factory on November 20, 2013 and have been working to increase their exposure and broaden their fan base by playing shows with many regional favorites like Tattermask, Luna’s Lament, Hephystus, and soon, Atlanta’s own Inviolate. Made up of Corey Tossas (vocals), Neal Brewer (drums), Daniel Ghent (guitar/ backing vocals), and Ray Bacallao (bass), Camori’s members are primed and ready to put metal to the test in 2014 and show the Southeast what it’s been missing. recently got a chance to pick the brains of the men of Camori to find out more about their creation, development and aspirations.

How would you describe your sound?
All: Atmospheric/Progressive/Sci-Fi/Metal

Daniel: We listen to such a diverse array of music between the four of us, that when it's combined together you are getting little pieces of it all. Rock, hard rock, metal, even black metal, classical, prog rock, even down into the world of cinematic scores.

What led you to be a part of this band?

Neal: Everyone in this band is a blast to be around, and we're all equally driven to achieve the goal of doing this for a living. It's honestly an easy choice.

Daniel: It has been quite an adventure to get to the position of lead guitarist for Camori. I traveled 2450 miles to be a part of this. It had it's beginnings in the fall of another band that most of us were a part of that need not be mentioned here or ever again, but the pure musical talent my bandmates display are what drew me into this. Everyone compliments the others so well. There is no member that owns it all. We as a collective combine to form a musical machine that pushes every one of us to get better. And to write the music of our souls. Not just the next top 40 hit.

Explain the concept of the "Ghost Children."
Camori is a concept band, and "The Ghost Children" is the name of the fictional revolutionary group that our music's story and comic series primarily focuses on. Once oppressed by the villain known as The B.E.A.S.T., the Ghost Children are led to freedom by Valtteri Camori (our story's main hero). Being that the members of the Ghost Children are the backbone of our music's story, we took to calling our fans Ghost Children. They are in essence this band's backbone. Without the continual support our fans offer us, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

What, if any, goals did you set or meet in 2013?
The launching/Establishment of this band.

Daniel: Mid 2013 we had to stop all we were doing with music publicly. We went into hiding and met the goals set for establishing Camori. We wrote many new songs in a relatively short time which showed us just how well we all work together. One goal for me was to create at least a 45 minute set of brand new material. I think we checked that one off the list rather nicely.

Where did the name "Camori" come from?
Our guitarist Daniel came up with the name. All of our music is connected through a central Sci-Fi story, the main protagonist of that story being Valtteri Camori. Since he is the center of our "universe" (as well as our comic series), it made perfect sense to take on the name as our guise.

Neal: Oh I thought it was Calamari???

Daniel: Our band is a concept. It can be enjoyed without looking deeper in and seeing the actual stories due to the way Corey perfectly blends the story into the lyrics which stand on there own with other
relatable meanings. Basically you can listen to this music and relate without even knowing our story. I wanted people to ask why. Why is this named this? I've not heard this word before. Because asking that and finding out all that goes along with it will really open eyes as to the full picture of what’s going on inside this band. We are not just music. We are art on several different medium levels.

What or who are some of your greatest musical influences?
Coffee, anything of the Polka variety & of course Kelly Clarkson… But seriously, Chris Adler, Blake Richardson, Jordan Mancino, Andols Herrick and Martin Axenrot have been very fundamental in my playing.

Corey: Corey Taylor, David Draiman, Claudio Sanchez, Serj Tankian, Maynard James Keenan.

Daniel: I can narrow mine down to: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Deftones, Mastodon, and The Fall of Troy. I wouldn't play what I do without their influence.

What is your favorite part about performing live?
The energy! It's something that you cannot duplicate any other way!

Daniel: The way I lose myself to it. If you ever watched me play you'd get the feeling that maybe I'm not in the room with you. Physically I'm there, but mentally I'm no longer on Earth. I'm in my dream. I am the ultimate me.

Give us three words to describe your onstage persona?
I think I could summarize mine in one word, Schizophrenic.

Neal: Don't screw up!

Daniel: Dark, distant, and mechanical.

Where did it all start?
It all started from our desire and passion to create and perform music that comes from our souls.

Daniel: In the realization that these are the musicians I've trained my whole life to play with.

What can we expect from Camori in 2014?
Many more shows and a full length CD!

Daniel: Expect new music. There will be plenty of it. The well flows freely for new material. You will watch the evolution of the stage show. The release of the first record. The comic will evolve and grow in numbers. You can expect that we will be giving ourselves fully to this project.

Camori’s next show will be February 22 at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, N.C. with Tattermask, Avenuedrive, The Feral and Inviolate at the “Tattermasquerade” where attendees can come in costume or masks. The event is held every year in celebration of Tattermask’s anniversary and often plays hosts to some of the latest and greatest in the local and regional scene. You can find out more about Camori on their Facebook page and listen to them via ReverbNation. You can also check out the review of Camori’s debut show here. If you like a good story with your atmospheric metal, check out the cosmic and surreal adventures of Camori and The Ghost Children saga!

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