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Upstate death row dog, rescued by Carolina Loving Hounds, needs donations

Reese, safe at Carolina Loving Hound Rescue
Reese, safe at Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

Meet Reese, a former death row dog at Greenville County Animal Care Services. She's now safe in the hands of Carolina Loving Hounds Rescue, and her story can be read here.

Reese, rescued from GCACS

No one knows what Reeses' owners were thinking when they dumped this 7-year-old Bloodhound mix at the high-kill shelter in upstate South Carolina. Not only had Reese recently had a litter(most likely one of many), but she has numerous health problems. Carolina Loving Hounds took her anyway, and will see this girl receives the best of care.

Reese will move to Columbia tomorrow where she will be admitted to be seen and cared for. She not only has a severe case of Mange but she is also suffering from massive dental issues, she is Heart Worm Positive and has ear, eye infections..that is just what is visible.

Carolina Loving Hounds describes Reese as a sweet girl, who enjoys head rubs. After her treatment, Reese will start a new life with someone who truly recognizes how special she is.

Getting Reese healthy enough for adoption will cost money. Carolina Loving Hounds really needs help with this girl. You can use their PayPal account to or you can call in a donations to her doctor in Columbia, SC . Dr. Van De Grift 803-254-7354.

The rescue does ask that if you are donating less than $50 to her care that you use PayPalanything over $50 please call into the doctors office and notify Angela at to let her know you've donated.

Please share this article with friends. And be sure to take a look at the photos of Reese. She looks so happy to be out of the shelter. Carolina Loving Hounds Rescue is the one to put that smile on her face. Providing bloodhounds can smile, that is.

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