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Upstate animal advocate needs funds to help with feral cats and homeless dogs

Cared for by Meg
Cared for by Meg

Meg Elizabeth Harris is known in the upstate rescue community as an animal lover who goes out of her way to help the homeless, the feral and the injured cats and dogs in the upstate.

Meg's feral colony
Meg Elizabeth Harris

Meg tries her best to rescue any animal she sees hurt, and now needs a fund to help her with emergency animal care. The local shelters are full, so Meg does all she can on her own to keep a cat or dog out of the shelter system.

Many times Meg has rescued an injured animal that could have been saved, but for a lack of funds. It's hard to pay for care when you have so many in need.

Right now, Meg is caring for around 20 cats in a feral colony. She worries they're going hungry, because she doesn't have food to give them every day.

Her goal is to pay for vetting for these cats, and to get some of them ready for adoption. Many times the kittens of a feral cat can be tamed.

She's also rescued several dogs lately. People are getting worse about abandoning their pets, so there will always be more animals out there than Meg can help.

Meg needs your help. She has checked with a few local rescues, but most are as strapped for funds to cover vetting, spay, neuters and other care as she is. There are just too many unaltered cats to handle without a system.

That's where the emergency fund will come in. It will allow Meg to care for these cats and dogs who so desperately need her.

Please share her desire to help these animals. Most would walk away from such a task. Meg runs right into her mission to save as many little lives as she possibly can.

A donation webpage has been set up here.

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