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Upside-down pizza delivery funny, but shows ignorance

Teen receives pizza delivery with no toppings, or so he thought.
Teen receives pizza delivery with no toppings, or so he thought.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

An 18-year-old ordered a pizza from Domino’s Pizza only to find out when he opened the box, the pizza had no toppings! He hastily tweeted his frustration to Domino’s Pizza on Twitter for all Domino’s followers to see. People would think they were getting ‘ripped off’ if they ordered a pizza and only received the crust with no toppings on it! Domino’s swiftly replied with an apology and referred him to the place he ordered it from to fix the problem.

It was only after his “Yoooo … Its just bread” [sic] tweet to Domino’s that he realized he opened the pizza box upside-down, with the toppings underneath and out of sight. He subsequently tweeted to Domino’s Pizza that he made the mistake and told them “never mind,” but not before it became an internet sensation. The viral tweet garnished over 6 thousand re-tweets at last count!

In the teen’s haste, he became ignorant. The ignorance arises from ‘ignoring’ other possible reasons why his pizza would have no toppings. He quickly assumed someone else or something else is at fault. Instead of hesitating and ‘thinking’ about why the pizza came as ‘just bread,’ he assumed all the toppings were eliminated by the Domino’s associates. He blamed them. How dare they not give him his toppings!

The haste in assuming in the 'blame-game' is common. A lot of individuals show ignorance in their haste to blame others for something awry. Instead of stopping and figuring out other possible explanations, they would rather accuse someone. They are not aware that when they quickly blame others, it may end up making them look ignorant, as this young man found out.