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Upscale Nikko closes in Rochester, with kiosk possibly in its future

The now-closed Nikko restaurant.
The now-closed Nikko restaurant.

Marco Muoio has had his shot at operating an upscale bricks-and-mortar restaurant venue in Rochester. His next step may be to scale things down to a kiosk operation.

Muoio has closed his downtown restaurant Nikko in the Capron Lofts Building at 1 Capron Street after a three-year ruin, according to a Facebook posting he made on Wednesday. Nikko had specialized in sushi and Asian fusion food, as well as some European dishes.

In addition to its ingternational food, Nikko was known for an inventive cocktail menu. A few examples: Burn Me Sideways (campari, carpano antica, nonino, lavender honey, burnt orange & champagne, $9); Fancy Pants (peach brandy, elderflower liqueur, passion fruit juice and champagne over crushed ice, $9), DuckFaceSelfie (fresh grapefruit juice, greenhook gin, cocchi americano, rich syrup and crème de violet rinse, $9), Smashed But Not Hammered (gin, rich syrup, mint and lime cucumber and sparkling water, hint of absinthe, $9) and the double entendre The Hammock (banana washed bourbon, warm spices, nux alpine walnut liquor and black walnut bitters, $10).

That, however, now is a thing of the past, says Muoio who wrote, "After nearly three years of building our brand and serving downtown Rochester disappointingly we were unable to renew our current lease agreement. We are planning on setting up shop somewhere else. Part of our philosophy was to go into an area that is experiencing revitalization and rebirth and being a part of bringing it back to life. In that way I am immersed and involved in downtown."

Before making such a major commitment, Muoio said, he hopes to launch a "Nikko Express" kiosk concept that would offer grab-and-go sushi for lunch. Meanwhile, there is no word on the next stop for Nikko chefs Max Spittler and Adam Burten. Spittler specialized in New American dishes, Burten in sushi offerings.