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Upscale Consignment: buy and sell your new and gently used clothes

Great finds at Upscale Consignment
Great finds at Upscale Consignment
Upscale Consignment

If your closet needs an overhaul but your wallet is pinched, Upscale Consignment is the answer. You can buy a new and gently used wardrobe while getting paid to sell your own clothes.

This isn't a mega-thrift store, where you'll spend hours scouring racks for one or two treasures. The store is about the size of a women's fashion retail store like Express and Black House White Market, and the store is selective about what items they accept. Expect to see brands like Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Jessica Simpson, Born, and many more. While you might love Missoni at Target, you won't find K-Mart, Target, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart brands at Upscale Consignment.

Upscale Consignment is a consignment store, so people just like you bring in their clothes, shoes, accessories, and children's items for sale. A staff member selects items that are in great condition, in-style, and free of smells (ie. smoke.) The store prefers that you bring your items in on hangars, which they give back. All items the store takes are kept in the store until they sell, or 90 days, whichever comes first. After 60 days, items are marked to half-off, which is exciting news to shoppers looking to score extra bonus savings. Any items sold are paid back to the seller for 45% of their sale price in a check, or 55% of the sale price in store credit. Consignment hours are from 11am to 6pm on weekdays and weekends by appointment.

On the day you consign, you can get 10% off your purchases. In addition, get a punch card from the store and you'll earn points each time you spend over $5 towards discounts on your next purchase.

I was very impressed being both a buyer and seller at the Woodbury location I visited. Staff was professional and friendly; I've been back a couple times since my first visit. I was intrigued by a sign in their fitting room, asking customers that would consider stealing merchandise to instead let the staff know they are in need. The store has a program set-up to assist disadvantaged persons. That's a relief to me as the consignor, as this program may deter someone from stealing the items I'm trying to sell.

Upscale Consignment has three Minnesota locations (Woodbury, St. Louis Park, and Inver Grove Heights.) Find location information on the Upscale Consignment Minnesota website.

Check out the store's Facebook page for upcoming events and specials. Periodically, each location runs $3 sidewalk sales outside the store.


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