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UPS will write out a check for $40,000,000

United Parcel Services, Inc. ("UPS") agreed to pay $40,000,000 last week as part of an agreement with the Federal government. The agreement arose over allegations that UPS had shipped merchandise that consumers had purchased from illegal online pharmacies.

UPS will also have to institute various procedures to ensure that internet drug companies are not able to use UPS's services in the future. The agreement was reached with the United States Attorney's office in Northern California.

The U.S. Attorney's representative, Melinda Haag, was quoted as saying "We are pleased with the steps UPS has taken to stop the use of its shipping services by illegal pharmacies".

The $40,000,000 figure was based upon profits allegedly earned by U.P.S. in connection with helping to transport drugs from the internet drug companies to the consumers. The government has been cracking down on internet drug companies in recent years. Very often, consumers in California, or elsewhere in the United States, are able to obtain drugs from overseas, through the internet companies, at a much less expensive rate than from regular pharmacies.

Many experts are concerned that going after internet drug companies, and the doctors and others who work with them, is not offering any protection for the consumer.


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