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UPS fires hundreds: 250 employees let go after defending fired colleague

UPS Truck
UPS Truck
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

UPS fired hundreds of employees after they staged a 90-minute protest back in Feb. According to Huffington Post, 250 employees were fired for defending one of their colleagues who was let go after an "hours" dispute. Twenty employees were fired on Monday and another 230 were told that they were going to be let go as soon as their replacements were properly trained according to the report.

"The workers, who are based in Queens, N.Y., walked off the job when Jairo Reyes, a 24-year company veteran and union activist, got in a dispute with the company over the number of hours senior staff could work, reports the New York Daily News (via Huffington Post).

UPS fired its employees who protested saying that they couldn't sit by and allow "employee misconduct." Since the protest affected the company as a whole (and the company's customers), the employees who disrupted service will be let go. Union representatives have demanded that UPS rehire all 250 employees but the company won't budge. Evidently they are using this incident to set an example and to let others know that things like this will not be tolerated. No matter what.

Do you think UPS is acting appropriately? Should the 250 employees who protested be given their jobs back?

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