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UPS driver leaves note apologizing for running over family's dog with truck

The driver of the UPS truck apologized for hitting and killing a family's dog by leaving a note.
The driver of the UPS truck apologized for hitting and killing a family's dog by leaving a note.
Freeze shot via abc video

A UPS driver working through his route in Agency, Missouri left a note to a family informing them that he hit and killed their dog with his truck, but he had to continue working. The note stated:

"A UPS driver in your area accidentally ran over your dog. Please contact us."

A neighbor found the Boxer lying dead in the family's front yard. The owners of the dog were devastated and said the dog had been an important part of the family reported ABC News.

According to the company, the driver followed protocol. In a statement, UPS stated they apologized for the tragedy to the family and advised them to follow up with the company's insurance company. After accidents, drivers are provided with extra training.

As tragic as this case is, dog owners have a responsibility to keep their pets safe. Here are some basic suggestions to help keep your dogs from being hit by a UPS truck or anyone else:

  • Keep your dog leashed in public at all times.
  • Check that your backyard is safe and secure when your dog is outdoors. This includes checking for holes or escape patches in the fences and gates. If there are puppies left in the yard, check that puppies can not squeeze through. Check for hanging cords or electrical wires.
  • Train your dog to listen and obey. That split second when you yell the command to stop, may very well save your dog's life in a dangerous situation.
  • Exercise your dog regularly; keeping a dog mentally and physically active will keep him from running away and getting into mischief. Tiring your dog will keep him calmer.

Remember to proactively protect your dog from being harmed.

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