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Upping bias candiates: LUXR at 1.32. GCLL jumped 32% yesterday/examining

Focus list heading into next week:


Recall NBT report on LIQT last week which game some details regarding their relationship with Pirelli
2.59 0.01(0.38%) 11:00AM EDT

The Pirelli situation has certain appeal to it...
Excerpt: Industrial giant Pirelli Industries has a deal to buy $20 million of LIQT stock for around $4 a share—they know a great investment when they see one. Here is link to their Investor Presentation.
Pirelli (with all their $billions) TRIED to beat LIQT for two years at the business of high tech filtration…and gave up. THEY know that LIQT technology is 10 TIMES better at removing toxic things from the recycling sectors their in...primarily energy extraction waste water

Regarding the company:
Liqtech has for more than a decade developed and manufactured products of Re-crystallized silicon carbide. Among these, LiqTech has specialized in 3 business areas: Diesel Particulate filters (DPFs) for the control of soot exhaust particles from diesel engines, Ceramic membranes for water filtration and Kiln Furniture for the refractory industry.


LUXR has been inching back from 1.20 this week....increasing confidence with support at this mark....Recall this stock got crazy with the cheese wiz a month ago...Somewhat impressed with the consolidation pattern since..suggesting not a one time event...

LuxeYard Boosts Global Presence With Expansion to IndiaPR Newswire(Wed, Jun 6)

Under 1

Recall PLSB back to back distribution deals in large mkts....also recall pickup yesterday......Observe for a higher low @ .50........keep in mind with the mounting distribution deals (believe nearly 40 since Cabana product launch last sept, this company is going setting itself up to be a prime takeover candidate....usually when they cross 20mil in sales at such a rapid pace is when the Cokes of America come looking
Pulse Secures Distribution Into New York City and Long IslandMarketwire(Thu 9:00AM EDT


Late yesterday GCLL saw another jump back above .10.....ongoing pattern of this in last month we've been discussing from time to time suggesting accumulation under a dime...May want to do some digging on their growing venture partnership with Greencell
GreenCell, Inc. Announces New Overseas Vendors for Rare Earth MaterialsGlobeNewswire(Thu, Apr 26)
GreenCell, Inc. Announces a New Fuel Cell Stack Design That Utilizes Its Unique UltraTemp-CGlobeNewswire(Mon, Mar 26)
General Automotive Announces Development of a New Ceramic Seal by Its Joint Venture Partner GreenCellGlobeNewswire(Fri, Mar 16)
The company will begin work on fuel cell applications in the near future.
General Automotive's CEO and President, Dan Valladao, commented, "We are very excited about GreenCell's continued advancement in technology which could revolutionize many products within the automotive industry including oxygen sensors, brakes, and fuel cells."

GCLL * Jun 7 0.118 0.00 +0.00

Continue to debate entry in IWEB at/under .13, given ongoing support.....Would like to see another pr on company progress after unexpected death of their CEO....Recall pr following cited 'surge in orders in 2012'

IceWEB Positions Itself for Rapid GrowthMarketwire(Tue, May 29)
The Company has made significant advancements in key areas of the business over the past six months.... IceWEB has received a surge in orders since the beginning of 2012, including a Global 50 electronics manufacturer, several federal, state and local government procurements; and a spike in mid-market commercial customers for IceWEB's multi-tiered, unified storage systems.....IceWEB reported its second consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth earlier this month, with a 49% topline increase quarter-over-quarter. The company is on a solid financial foundation to sustain its current operations and continued growth.

Statement by IceWEB Storage Corporation Board of DirectorsMarketwire(Fri, May 25)

Also debating RARS, especially with the news....
RARS * 10:36am EDT 0.10 -0.01 -6.54% 1,323,621

ANDI subpenny focus...On above avg vol as well....
ANDI * 10:38am EDT 0.0025 0.00 +31.58% 5,810,675

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