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Upon thy breast shalt thou go, and earth shalt thou eat all the days of thy life

In Michelangelo's "Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve,"  the serpent is not pictured as a snake, but part snake, part human.Photo:
In Michelangelo's "Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve," the serpent is not pictured as a snake, but part snake, part human.Photo:
In Michelangelo's "Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve." Photo:

Here's an interesting question: If, in Genesis 3:14, God condemned the serpent to crawl on his belly all the days of his life, how was he getting around before that? Michelangelo's rendition of the Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve (1) depicts Satan as part man, part snake. Interesting.

Arizona Wilder
Arizona Wilder

Arizona Wilder, like many MK Ultra victims, was forced to participate in satanic rituals where participants shapeshifted into Reptilians.

In a 1999 interview (2) with David Icke, Wilder revealed who participated in these rituals and described them in detail.

According to Wilder, all of the 13 royal bloodlines originate from the Merovingian bloodline, (3) a Germanic tribe from the third century AD (later known as the Franks) who settled along the Rhine. It is these 13 bloodlines—the royal families in Europe and England who run the Illuminati.

The Nazi Aryan (4) movement that led to the extermination of millions of Jews actually had nothing to do with skin color or nationality. It was all about the blood.

What it actually is all about is keeping the blue-eyed, blond or light-red-haired people, the bloodlines pure, because it is more powerful. And what is in that blood for these reptilians is more powerful, and they need that. And when you start mixing it with people that were indigenous to this Earth, then it is not as powerful. It has nothing to do with someone's skin color or nationality. It has to do with keeping the bloodline pure for their use.

To the Reptilians, a certain secretion from the pituitary and pineal gland is, to them, like heroin or an endorphin, but much stronger. This secretion, however, only occurs when a victim is terrorized. Thus, it is necessary for the Reptilians to terrorize their victims before they are sacrificed.

This all comes out through the blood at that time and it's at that point they are actually staring into the eyes of the head of it at some of these rituals or at a Reptilian. They are staring into the eyes of this person. And they're held—it's a hypnotic gaze these Reptilians have. And it holds the victim in absolute trance, in a trance of terror. And then, they are killed at that moment as they are staring into their eyes.

During the moment of sacrifice, Wilder stated, the Reptilians reach an animalistic state of excitement that causes them to resume their Reptilian shape. Often, in addition to drinking the blood, they will just rip into the victim and eviscerate them and start eating the flesh. There are times, Wilder said, that if the person performing the sacrifice is taking too long, there are those present who will step in to finish the job, themselves, by tearing out the throat.

I've seen the Queen Mother do that and Prince Phillip and Charles. I've seen Guy de Rothschild do this. It seems that I've seen it more among royalty—or so-called royalty—do this than people that are not titled. They don't seem to—they seem like they—it feels like they don't dare. But they shapeshift nonetheless, but it's like the royals that step in and just start tearing away because they can hardly wait.

The current head of the Illuminati calls himself "Pindar," which means, "phallus of the dragon." (No ego issues, there.) He compares himself to the Egyptian god, Osiris (5) (Lord of the Dead) who just happens to be green.

Now there are a few versions of the Osiris/Isis melodrama. Each involves Osiris's death at the hands of his brother, Set, who chops him into multiple pieces. Osiris's wife, Isis, finds all the body parts except one: the phallus. So she makes one out of gold, puts Osiris back together and brings him back to life just long enough to impregnate her; then he dies again.

Horus is born from that union. Then the gods bring Osiris back to life and they live happily ever after.

It is Osiris's purported golden phallus that is of prime importance, as it is believed that seed from a golden phallus is the superior seed for a race. Consequently, "Pindar" has the responsibility of spreading his seed around as much as possible. (It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.)

Wilder claims that Pindar is the true father of Prince Charles and Prince William.

"Mr. Pindar" also has an alias: "Marquis de Libeaux." YouTubers and bloggers have had a field day trying to figure out who the "Lizard King" really is. It appears to be a toss-up between Baron Guy de Rothschild (6) and Jim Morrison.

These rituals, Wilder said, happen every month of the year.

And there are Sauin, and there is Beltane. There is Imbolk in February. There is Lammas Day which is in the beginning of August. There's a whole week leading up to Beltane. It's also leading up to Sauin; it's called Grand Climax. May the first is Beltane.

The most important rituals are the summer and winter solstice, and the vernal and fall equinox. Rituals are also held, she added, every full moon.

Halloween is about the worship and homage to Satan. On that night there is a lot of bloodshed during which time sacrifices are made to Satan. She commented on those who replace Halloween with the Harvest Festival, thinking that it diminishes the true meaning of the ritual.

It is also to desensitize people to the whole thing, and even this backlash Christian movement that wants to call it the Harvest Festival does not realize that the Harvest Festival has to do with Druidic religion. And again, they are still doing the same thing in celebrating the Harvest Festival.

Children are being kidnapped and brought from other countries to be ritual sacrifices. No one misses them because these are third-world countries. Others, Wilder claims, are bred from birth just for that purpose. Children, she said, have the purest energy and are the highest form of sacrifice.

And they will terrorize these children and mind control these children. And in rituals, by the time their brought into rituals, they may be drugged or they may not be drugged or they may be in an altered state because of the mind control. And they are used as actual blood sacrifices.

They will also slit the throat from the left ear to the right ear and the blood will be gathered in a goblet and it will be dispersed among the Reptilians.

Some of the locations to which Wilder was taken for blood rituals include: Glamis Castle, (7) Stonehenge, (8) Balmoral Castle, (9) Westminster Abbey, (10) the Mothers of Darkness (11) castle in Brussels, Belgium, and Pindar's castle in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France (Château de Ferrières?).

At midnight, on the 24th or the 25th of December there is a ceremony that's specifically for children, called "The Last Bulb on the Tree." Used as part of their programming, "things" would happen to the child who hung the last bulb on the tree on Christmas Eve."The Last Bulb on the Tree," Wilder said, had something to do with what happened to JonBenet Ramsey.

"JonBet" is a name for Satan. And that name is just closely tied in. It was so close and I don't understand why it hasn't come out. And that I know of it hasn't been talked about. But that is why she was killed on the day that she was killed. And her family, as far as I'm concerned—her family is involved in this and that there's always a price to be involved in it. She was the price.

Wilder claims that she has seen the following at blood rituals:

  • George H. W. Bush (shapeshift)
  • Madeline Albright (shapeshift)
  • Henry Kissinger (shapeshift)
  • Ronald and Nancy Reagan (shapeshift)
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton
  • George and Jeb Bush
  • Jay Rockefeller (shapeshift)
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Gerald Ford (shapeshift)
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Josef Mengela (shapeshift)
  • Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret (all shapeshift)
  • Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Tony Blair (shapeshift)
  • Zecharia Sitchin (shapeshift)
  • Laurence Gardner

In the late 80s while at Balmoral Castle, Wilder overheard a conversation between Queen Elizabeth II and a man she described as "Arabic or Egyptian." She heard the name, "Fayed."

And she [Queen Elizabeth] and he were talking very seriously, and at some length about a subject. They were mentioning Diana and they were mentioning his son, Dodie.

And I heard them talking about a marriage between these two and I thought at the time, "Well, she's married to Charles. How can there be a marriage when she's married to Charles?"

And the Queen Mother—all I could pick up was that for some reason, there was a malevolence towards Diana.

Diana, Wilder stated, was a ritual sacrifice, chosen from before birth for the purpose of which she served. According to Wilder, the importance of the sacrifice centered around the death of three people, a reenactment of the triad of Isis, Osiris and Horus, (12) which was represented by Dodi Fayed and Diana's unborn child.

Wilder stated that she had seen all of the royal family drink human blood and consume human flesh.

And they have their own goblets in which they have blood. And these goblets are encrusted with jewels. And they also have their own daggers, and the dagger goes into the goblet and they stir the blood around with it. And it's also a—what it is, it's a symbol of the phallus going into the vagina when they're doing this.

During the rituals, those who shapeshift wear very ornate robes; some are red, others are purple. The reason for the robes, she said, was to allow for their increase in size after shapeshifting. Wilder added that this also facilitates the orgies that take place.

The actual shapeshift happens very quickly as they get larger and taller. Wilder stated that when the queen shapeshifts, her nose grows longer, into a type of snout. Her teeth transform into fangs and her tongue becomes abnormally long and is covered with "long, hairy or pointed projections."

Instead of hands and feet, they have claws and are covered with scales that appear to disappear into one another. What she called "lumps" or "protrusions" appear from the head. Some also develop an appendage on the back. The Queen's eyes, Wilder said, have a dark slit up and down, like a snake.

Much of the time, their tails are kept curled. However, when the Queen Mother is displeased with something, she will whip it around and hiss.

The sacrifice of Diana, Wilder believes, symbolizes a preparation of the world for what is to come in the 21st century. "The year 2000 begins the age of Horus and Osiris reborn" Wilder said. "And there's a sacrifice involved, and the sacrifice is the mother and the sacrifice of this child. And yet, it involves another child who yet lives by the same mother."

"You're talking about William?" Icke asked.

"Yes, I am talking about William."