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Uplevel your body image

Body image includes your personal perception of how you visualize your body. It is something most women deal with on a daily basis. Others may not notice but body image affects how you feel, your relationships, even the willingness to take risks. The media certainly doesn’t help, particularly for women who are over a “certain age” as society is good at making older women feel they are no longer beautiful. A negative body image can’t be overcome overnight but it can happen. Learning to take control of your mindset towards your body image can literally change your life. Use these three steps to get started on a better body image.

1. Take Control of Body Care

Trying to measure up to what society and the culture says a woman is supposed to look like can be a never ending battle. Appreciate the body you have by giving it the best care possible. Change diet habits to eat only the freshest, whole foods possible. Drink more water than sodas and exercise daily to stay healthy. Take time to go to the doctor for a complete physical including regular pap smears and mammograms. Be determined to look and feel good so you live a vibrant life.

2. Dress Beautifully

What you wear can work magic in enhancing body image. Instead of trying to hide features you don’t enjoy, learn to flatter your best assets. Find styles that make you look and feel sensational, then highlight body areas that are beautiful on you. It could be your hair, a tiny waist or beautiful feet. Pick clothes and shoes that make you feel good on all occasions. Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive, just flattering.

3. Be Positive to Stay Positive

A positive image about your body is enhanced by positive surroundings. Negative talk from other people or the media can bring you down. Get away from critical words and feed yourself with positive affirmations about your body. Start a gratitude journal and list what you love about yourself. Carefully choose the type of media you watch or read being sure it focuses on showing a positive image of the diversity of a woman’s body.

It takes small changes to start thinking and acting differently around an issue as personal as body image. Take control of your thoughts, actions and life to uplevel your body image.

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