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Upholstered Arm Chairs and the Best of Fabric to choose for it

The world of accent chairs is one that has seen the tint of comfort and luxury on an elevated piece in its lifetime. Simply put, accent chairs belong to the category of chairs that that were made to give an uplifted and luxurious look with use of upholstery. The viral trends of today are the customised option of this luxurious line of furniture. One of the prominent makers of this, Simply Upholstery and Fabric who claim a history of 50 years and more in the industry of accent chair furniture as well as the fabric involved. The company provides customised line of furniture with excellent quality of fabrics. It is a perfect one stop for all sources of furniture, upholstery works and choice of excellent fabric.

There are a group of the best affordable range of elegant fabric quality upholstered accent chairs. The superior qualified professionals design their furniture according to their creativity and incredibly fresh designs. They are located in Fairfax, Virginia and confirm utmost of the customer satisfaction. They have a wide variety of designs on store and are technically certified and up-to-date. The best feature of the group is that they are all about designing their own line of furniture. Their amazing line of furniture can be viewed on their website as well as retail marts.

Following are the line fabrics that they utilize for the designing of the furniture

• Highland Court Fabrics
These fabrics are a new set of designs and ensure a new range of furniture production.

• B Berger Fabrics
They create the widest variety of colour, patterns, styling and texture to provide a new age quality and dream-like product in the line of furniture. Every year B Berger further launches brand new collection. Interested customers can contact the aforementioned store to get a detailed account on the same to design their much wished-for line of furniture.

• Duralee Fabric
This fabric is available in both versions of contemporary and oriental line that are normally utilized as drapery fabrics. The duralee upholstery fabric are highly endurable, durable and possess higher longevity in comparison to the other fabrics. It creates a varied line of furniture that satisfy an extensive variety of palettes, comfort, originality and a firm dosage of upgraded and customized blending of excellent designs. The aesthetic attraction of the fabric is ageless as well as unique.

The finesse achieved by the fabric claims a tradition and 60 years of continuous improvisations and progress. It is renowned for tapping the potential best of talent and design in the commercial as well luxury market. Hence, it is the ideal material for then normal wear and tear of everyday use as well.
Types of Accent Chairs in the market

There are various types of accent chairs available in the market as of date. Upholstered Accent chairs are stationed at a place to enhance the look or highlight a certain object, space or work of art. They have been one of the oldest proofs of luxury that man devised. Following enlists and elaborates some of the famously known varieties and functionalities of accent chairs

• Roundabout chairs
This category of accent chairs are hailed as one of the oldest designs of the luxury in the same. They date back to the early 1700 regarding their manufacture and designing. There are well designed to prevent any blockage or hindrance to the central part of the room that it is situated in.

• Armless Slipper Chairs
These kind of accent chairs possess a wider seat and are framed traditionally in metal, wood or even plastic. They are also at a lower level to the floor.

• Tub Chairs
The arms of this kind of accent chairs possess a slope and are hence higher as well.

• Occasional Chairs
These accent chairs are highly lightweight and hence portable.

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