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All Jim Webster wanted was to rent a car.
In Las Vegas, the rental agent asked him if he wanted the standard insurance, the premium insurance, or the super premium insurance.
He never mentioned the word, “supplemental.”
He never explained the differences in the categories or in the prices.
He suggested that “most people” went with premium.
He’d just put Jim down for that.

Webster said, “No thanks.”
"What do you mean, most people prefer the premium.”
“No thanks.”
“We don’t recommend that.”
“I don’t care.”

Moving on, the rental agent then tried to sell Webster an upgrade from the compact he reserved to a muscle car.
After some more wrangling, Webster drove away in the car he wanted.

Don’t you just hate it when somebody tries to sell you something you don’t really need?

Maybe that's how you feel when someone tells you about Jesus.
But, my friend, Jesus is not an upgrade--He's a life saver.

Thank you for reading this piece. By doing so you have made a contribution toward the freedom of slave children in an Middle Eastern nation.

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