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Updates- Electronic Sriracha Festival in San Jose this Saturday

A rough interpretation of the afternoon
A rough interpretation of the afternoon

Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us, and the biggest event in the South Bay is still looking like the Electronic Sriracha Festival at St. James Park downtown. If you've traveled 280 Southbound in the last week or so, the

Sponsored and organized by Moveable Feast (at, this combination of food fest and music menagerie is looking like a one-shot worth remembering. Tickets can be bought in advance here- which I recommend since the door price is a 50% markup. It's a little pricey, considering what you're getting, but music festival veterans probably won't balk.

To ensure full stomachs and fun times, a whopping 28 food trucks will be dropping by to hawk their wares to the hungry. 120 Sriracha themed dishes are advertised, but with that number of ambulatory options, it's anyone's guess what'll show up for lunch.

The big news I have is the finalizing of the performer list, here below. All the sets are an hour long, and it's all local artists and hometown performers, so if you're curious about the up and coming talent in the area, this is the time and place to scope it out.

12 P.M. Bare Knuckles
1 P.M. Tomas Phan
2 P.M. Carlos Alfonzo
3 P.M. Taj
4 P.M. Ross FM
5 P.M. Dead Funk
6 P.M. Thee-O
7 P.M. John Beaver Live with Krishna Lee on Drums & Greg Manacho on Guitar

12 P.M. James Ashley
1 P.M. Ian Rey
2 P.M. DJ Hil
3 P.M. California Casual
4 P.M. Mr. Tyler Jackson
5 P.M. Aaron Axelsen
6 P.M. Sam F
7 P.M. Andy P

12 P.M. DJ Mike Zhao
1 P.M. Haptic Synapses
2 P.M. DJ Basura
3 P.M. Double A and Jay Reese
4 P.M. DRU
5 P.M. Los Disco Duro
6 P.M. Bobby Acosta
7 P.M. DJ That Girl

If Saturday's not enough for you, you can join Electronic Sriracha Festival at Camera 12 on Sunday at 2:00 PM for a special screening of Griffin Hammond's documentary film, Sriracha. If you're lucky, you might get a free copy of The Sriracha Cookbook too!

After the screening, there's going to be a Q&A session, as well as a book signing with Randy Clemens, the author of The Sriracha Cookbook and The Veggie-Lover's Sriracha Cookbook. For those who love spice more than EDM sound, Sunday afternoon might be just the thing for you.

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