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UPDATED: The D.A. Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub: Sports & Relationships

On the way home from visiting my parents last night, I tuned in to 98.5, The Sports Hub, to hear the latest on the NBA Championship, LeBron and more.  Admittedly, I'm not an avid listener, but I do tune in from time-to-time. So, imagine my surprise when I tuned in to the D.A. Show, expecting a Phil Jackson rant and instead heard (or thought I heard), "If she doesn't listen to the show, don't put a ring on her finger." 

This led me to think about sports and relationships and formulate the basis for this story.

UPDATE: Commentor Cori says that this was in relationship to a text message DA received from a fan about dropping lines from the show in front of his girlfriend.  DA said that if she got the lines, he should marry her. He never said - don't put a ring on her finger.

Of course, as a breakup expert, I was intrigued and couldn't help but listen further. I can't quote the show directly, as I do not have a transcript, however, the host, D.A., said something like,  "Try dropping some of our show's catch-phrases (in an appropriate manner) and see if she catches on. If she does, she's a keeper, go buy the ring."

I thought that was thought-provoking social commentary. Women do listen to sports radio. Women do watch sports. Wouldn't it be cool if she knew exactly what he was talking about?  And why wouldn't she?

It was expected, not too many decades ago, that all women have zero sports acumen, absolutely no interest in stats and little desire to sit in front of the TV all day on a Sunday to watch men in tight pants throw around the pig skin. And if she did, then she probably wasn't straight. But now that it is acceptable for women to like sports and remain feminine, it makes sense that men would look for that in a mate.  

And why not? Logic dictates that if your wife's a fan, a real fan, then your marriage won't get stale. There will always be something to talk about and enjoy together for years to come. It's always new. It's always exciting. It's sports!

And guess what? I agree. But probably only because I'm a sports fan and I do the same thing (in reverse). I measure men by their sports acumen. If you don't believe me, here's a quick (true) story:

A few months ago, I attended all the NCAA Tournament games in Rhode Island at the Dunkin Donuts Center. I drove there, sat in my center court tickets, a few rows from the floor, completed bracket(s) in hand, Michigan State tee shirt on my back and I thoroughly enjoyed over 12 hours of basketball. Some people think that's probably a bit extreme, but I don't mess around when it comes to NCAA hoops.

So, when I went out that night and met a devastatingly handsome young man, I naturally asked him, "Who did you pick to win your bracket?"  He responded with,  "What's a bracket?"

With that, I quickly turned on my heel and walked away. It would never work. He had emasculated himself with 3 little words. I'm sure he was probably a great guy. Just not for me.

But that's an example of me looking for commonalities between myself and the man I date. It's fun, for me, to take someone to a sporting event when I know they appreciate it. And, likewise, dating someone with a sports acumen can also be delightful when it doesn't work out! Especially if you're not fans of the same team. Here's another quick (true) story:

Previous to the NCAA tournament, I briefly dated a man who was a huge Syracuse fan. We broke up shortly before the tourney began. Syracuse was a #1 seed and should have easily skated through, but still, I would watch the Syracuse games and hope and pray that this well-rounded, very deep, very young team would fail. And they did. It was like I got a 2 for 1 when they lost: one because my team (MSU) wouldn't have to play Syracuse in the Final Four and two, because that guy I briefly dated liked that team and he hurt my feelings!  I reveled in the fact that I knew he was feeling sad, wherever he was.

Win or lose, a mutual love of sports just adds another dimension to a relationship. 

I believe that a common love for sports can help a relationship (says the single woman). I think it's only natural that a huge sports fan would seek the same, and in a town like Boston, if you can't find a woman who likes the Red Sox or The Patriots, then you can't be looking that hard. So men AND women, take a tip from D.A., a man who makes his living off a love of sports - if you're a huge fan of something (in this case, a fan of his show!), then it would be great to be with someone with that same passion. 

And from me: If you hate sports, then try to find someone who also hates sports - this way, instead of freezing your ass off under a huge blanket in Foxboro this Fall, perhaps you'll both enjoy taking a pottery class together?

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  • Mike 4 years ago

    I bet you just love to be offended don't you? I bet you turned on DA's show for the sole purpose of finding something that might offend you. You are an absolute c-word.

  • MJ Acharya 4 years ago

    That's funny. I said I TOTALLY AGREE with what DA said. And you took it to mean that I was offended? the article!

  • Cori 4 years ago

    i am a girl and a HUGE fan of the D.A show, and if you happened to be REALLY listening you would have heard D.A read a text message from a guy who said he was going on a date and afraid he was gonna drop lines from the show. D.A told the guy that if he drops a line and the girl knows what hes talking about to put a ring on her finger and that shes a keeper.... i just listened to the show online again and NOWHERE does he say to not put a ring on a girls finger if shes not a sports fan, please stop with this nonsense and get your facts straightttttt

  • Cori 4 years ago

    Thanks. I actually contacted the producers of the show for a I said...I only caught part of it, but was intrigued by the idea of sports v relationships and how they do add to a relationship. I updated the story. Thanks again.

  • D.A fan 4 years ago

    you say its not nonsesne but you basically wrote this to make D.A look like an ass and so you would have a reason to rant about if your a sports fan you should date sports fans.

    maybe you should not try to quote people on things unless youre 100% sure what they said or else youll just look like a fool.....

  • cori 4 years ago

    thank you for the update! i agree with your article, i just dont agree with people misquoting D.A on things he never said
    thanks again!

  • MJ Acharya 4 years ago

    Sorry. How does the fact that DA made me think about sports & relationships make HIM look like an ass?

  • D.A. 4 years ago

    Mike! Play nice. MJ wasn't offended by the show, she wrote a very complimentary piece. That happens about as frequently as Sheed not hoisting up an errant three. Thanks MJ.

  • RK 4 years ago

    While I agree with you MJ in some regards, I also believe that sports can be a private release for some men. It's that time when you can retreat to the basement and not be bothered by the wife/girlfriend/kids.

  • MJ Acharya 4 years ago

    RK - that is a good point too!

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