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UPDATED: The D.A. Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub: Sports & Relationships


  • Mike 6 years ago

    I bet you just love to be offended don't you? I bet you turned on DA's show for the sole purpose of finding something that might offend you. You are an absolute c-word.

  • MJ Acharya 6 years ago

    That's funny. I said I TOTALLY AGREE with what DA said. And you took it to mean that I was offended? the article!

  • Cori 6 years ago

    i am a girl and a HUGE fan of the D.A show, and if you happened to be REALLY listening you would have heard D.A read a text message from a guy who said he was going on a date and afraid he was gonna drop lines from the show. D.A told the guy that if he drops a line and the girl knows what hes talking about to put a ring on her finger and that shes a keeper.... i just listened to the show online again and NOWHERE does he say to not put a ring on a girls finger if shes not a sports fan, please stop with this nonsense and get your facts straightttttt

  • Cori 6 years ago

    Thanks. I actually contacted the producers of the show for a I said...I only caught part of it, but was intrigued by the idea of sports v relationships and how they do add to a relationship. I updated the story. Thanks again.

  • D.A fan 6 years ago

    you say its not nonsesne but you basically wrote this to make D.A look like an ass and so you would have a reason to rant about if your a sports fan you should date sports fans.

    maybe you should not try to quote people on things unless youre 100% sure what they said or else youll just look like a fool.....

  • cori 6 years ago

    thank you for the update! i agree with your article, i just dont agree with people misquoting D.A on things he never said
    thanks again!

  • MJ Acharya 6 years ago

    Sorry. How does the fact that DA made me think about sports & relationships make HIM look like an ass?

  • D.A. 6 years ago

    Mike! Play nice. MJ wasn't offended by the show, she wrote a very complimentary piece. That happens about as frequently as Sheed not hoisting up an errant three. Thanks MJ.

  • RK 6 years ago

    While I agree with you MJ in some regards, I also believe that sports can be a private release for some men. It's that time when you can retreat to the basement and not be bothered by the wife/girlfriend/kids.

  • MJ Acharya 6 years ago

    RK - that is a good point too!

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