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Updated story: Lab rejected by owner after walking 30 miles to return home

Thursday promises to be a beautiful day at the rural Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas, as the senior black Labrador retriever, referred to as Ma Kettle, is being prepared to fly on a private jet to her new home in Tampa, Florida this afternoon.

Cinderella story from rags to riches. Ma Kettle (Lady) gets her glass slipper.
Friends of Chautauqua Animal Shelter
Ma Kettle (Lady) enjoying her fame and getting ready to jet off to Florida to her new home.
Friends of Chautauqua Animal Shelter

And here is the Cinderella story of a rejected dog going from rags to riches, as Ma Kettle (whose real name happens to be Lady) travels by car 40 miles to the Independence Airport to await her magic chariot ride to a well-deserved life of pampering and love.

Just a few days ago, Lady just wanted to go home; she had escaped from the yard of her latest adoptive home and walked the 30 miles to her original home, but her former owners wouldn't agree to take her back. Poor Lady ended up at the shelter again; a place where she had been just a few years ago when her owner died.

Read her entire story by clicking here.

According to the shelter manager, Kelsey Loyd, Lady is a wonderful dog and deserves a wonderful future - no matter how many days, months or years she still has to enjoy.

Check out more success stories with Friends of Chautauqua Animal Shelter by clicking here. Happily, another dog was adopted this morning who resembled Lady. Ralene Davis, the treasurer for the Friends of Chautauqua Animal Shelter announced the great news:

"We're ecstatic that Lady has been adopted; her story and the responses were amazing. Even Candy, (another dog at the shelter) was adopted this morning because of the story."

There are 12 kennels at the Chautauqua Animal Shelter; eight of which have dogs needing homes. All dogs are fully vetted and well taken care of with the help of donations from the public. The Shelter is funded by the City of Sedan and Chautauqua County. Animals available for adoption have received vaccinations and are spayed/neutered thanks to Friends of Chautauqua County Animal Shelter (FOCCAS - a 501(c)3 entity). If you would like to help, donations can be sent to the shelter at 421 S. Montgomery Street, Sedan, Kansas 67361 or call 620.725.3561 and speak with Ralene Davis.

Sharing saves lives. Please forward the success article about Ma Kettle (Lady) to your friends, family and coworkers. Even if you are unable to help this dog, it only takes one special person to reach out and give a pet the love and nurturing they so desperately need and deserve. Sharing only takes a moment; please do it in honor of Ma Kettle so that many more dogs and cats can have their lucky day.

For information about Lady's rescuer, On the Wings of Angels Rescue, please click here. Lady will be living with the founder of the organization.

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