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Update your spring wardrobe on a limited budget

Update your spring wardrobe on a limited budget. Spring is here and the perfect time to clean out your closets and take stock of your wardrobe. With a little imagination and ingenuity, it’s amazing what you can do to freshen up your looks for spring, and get rid of some unwanted clutter in the process.

Freshen your spring wardrobe without spending money
George Hodan

Use these ideas to perk up your wardrobe without spending much at all:

  • Begin by making three piles of clothing: things to keep, things to consign or donate, and things to throw away.
  • Keep your denim skirts, capris and shorts, since they never go out of style.
  • If you have a little black dress, hang on to it. They’re back this spring and hotter than ever.
  • If you find a pink blouse, knit top of lightweight sweater, it’s a keeper for spring. Pink is topping fashion charts for spring and highlights natural skin tones, adding a soft blush.
  • Keep those oversized sunglasses that have been tucked away. They don’t have to be Fendi or Chanel to make a fashion statement. The bigger and darker the better!
  • Consider consigning or reselling clothing you do not use that is in excellent condition. The extra money can come in handy and help stretch your fashion budget. Used clothing that still has plenty of wear in it cab always be donated to a thrift shop of your choice.
  • Try to keep three tops in the same color spectrum, such as navy, teal and turquoise. Buy one long gauzy scarf to complement these colors with a print done in shades of blue and green with touches of pink and rose. For about $10, you’ll have three bright new looks.
  • If you’re comfortable wearing miniskirts, they’re back for spring. Choose carefully so they aren’t too short or too tight. A miniskirt with a blazer is a winner for the office and a simple chino or lightweight denim miniskirt goes everywhere easily.
  • Ruffles, tiers and lace are hot this spring, and can be worn by all ages and flatter all figure types. A ruffled or tiered bodice accentuates a small bust and minimizes a large one, while tiered skirts highlight waistlines while camouflaging heavy hips and thighs.
  • If you buy one white lace or eyelet jacket, it will dress up everything from a pair of jeans to a nice dress. It goes from office appropriate to cocktail ready effortlessly and is a wise investment.
  • Spring and summer fashions often reveal more shoulder straps and lace edges. If any are yellowed or discolored, a little bleach can make them look like new. Try a detergent with color-safe bleach for best results.
  • Skater shoes are definitely in, and are not only for the young. While they go extremely well with flare-skirted skater dresses, they will pair with almost everything else as well. Similar to sneakers or walking shoes, skater shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.
  • Watch for sales and be willing to spend some time looking at all your options. Choose pieces that mix and match to create coordinating and contrasting looks.
  • Stay with styles and colors you are comfortable in. If you aren’t going to use something, it isn’t worth spending money on.

Enjoy the video as fashion stylist Jeannie Mai shares this spring's fashion trends.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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