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Update: Vhong Navarro's manager dismisses the 22-year old girl's alleged blotter

Vhong Navarro
Vhong Navarro
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The story behind Vhong Navarro's condition in the hospital is still one of the hottest topics in print and social media this morning, Jan. 26, 2014 (Philippine time), three days after the incident happened in a condominium unit at The Fort in Taguig City, based on the report, he is now being accused of rape.

Allegedly, Vhong came into the condominium unit of the 22 year-old girl at around 10:00 in the evening of Wednesday. While inside the unit, the 22 year-old girl got surprised when the It's Showtime host allegedly touched and pulled her hair. The girl fought back and immediately ran to her bedroom, but the actor/host forcibly pushed her to bed and attempted to pull down her shorts.

These allegations were reportedly gathered by GMA-7, rival network of ABS-CBN, according to, said allegations were reported on 24 ORAS, one of the top rating news programs of GMA-7. Immediately after he received an information regarding the so-called blotter of a 22-year old girl in Taguig City PNP which was gathered by GMA-7, ace movie director and Vhong Navarro's manager Chito Rono dismissed the allegations.

"That is the missing blotter that suddenly surfaced. It was not found in any precinct in Taguig yesterday. The police chief was reported to have denied it existed. We are as keen as you are as how GMA got it," Chito Rono commented. Obviously, there is something wrong with this issue. That is why both camps (the 22-year old girl who allegedly invited Vhong to her condominium unit and Chito Rono, Vhong's manager) should reveal the real truth behind this issue.

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