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Vacuuming champions taking on skydiving

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The Vacuuming Championships held at the Honda Center in March were such a hit that sponsor Dyson has decided to take things to the highest level conceivable.

This Saturday vacuuming legends Susan Santiago and local hero James Halley of Tustin will vacuum while skydiving.

The International Vacuuming League (IVL) has created two events for this momentous occasion.

In the first, a team of skydivers will jump with the vacuumers while holding out carpeting.

In the second event, the vacuumers will have to suck up as much dust as they can while it is thrown from the plane.

This has never been attempted, and will attract many spectators. Dyson will have a location near the pier at Newport Beach where the events will be streamed on a large screen. The vacuumers will land on the beach, directing themselves at a Red Bulls-eye for a chance to win a million dollars.

Be there to cheer them on!