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Update The Woman in Black

Lonesome walk
Lonesome walk
Emmy Lee Jenkins 2014

Update on the Woman in Black story that has been circulating online the past few weeks. Elizabeth Poles or The Woman in Black as she has been dubbed; has reached Winchester Virginia as of July 29th, 2014. A lot of speculation has circulated concerning her journey and why she dresses as she does and what is her mission or purpose for this journey. On the Facebook page built to keep people updated on her travels; there has been mostly well wishes and prayers for her and her safety. But as with anything online and especially on Facebook; there has also been a lot of curiosity, rumor, and gossip associated with this woman, as well as rude comments and comments that tend to cause concern. Speculation and media stories have spread everything from mental instability alleged by her family to comments of her having worked for the pentagon and being from a foreign country on one side; while others speculate a mission from God to Muslim holy day. The allegations about family concerns has not been verified, and the comments attributed to The Woman in Black that she worked at the pentagon and was from a foreign country were actually never made by her, and were found to be fabricated stories by others who were interviewed by media sources.

Todays update posted on the Facebook page: Where is The Mysterious Woman in Black; in a plea from the Winchester Virginia Police Department are the first official word on Elizabeth since this all started. The Winchester Police Department is asking for the public to respect the privacy of the person who has been dubbed the Woman in Black; Around 9 p.m. Tuesday, officers were called to Valley Avenue for crowd control. About 50 people gathered in this area to see the Woman in Black. For her safety and the safety of others, officers took her to an undisclosed location and provided her with food and shelter. Officers spoke with the woman who says she is from Winchester and intends on staying in the area. The Winchester Police Department wants local residents to know that she will be part of the community and to respect her privacy if you see her in the area. She has expressed to officers that she wants to be left alone and is asking that the public respect her wishes (Lauren Cummings July 30, 2014).

Seems as though the police see little if anything for concern about this woman; most of the concern from police is based on people seeking her out, approaching her, and violating her privacy. Some have posted on the Facebook page about her; that there have been instances where she has caused much commotion, and cussed, and been a nuisance; they even claim to post links to videos or photos as proof; but these links typically lead to error pages. Most comments on this story though since it first arose in the media have given an image of a quiet woman staying to herself and bothering no one. She takes nothing, accepts very little from others if any at all, and she approaches no one. Quite the opposite, any interaction at all is generally if not always initiated by those wishing to either assist in some way or to find out what her story is. Any statement that has ever been verified from her has been that she wishes to be left alone and her privacy respected. Yet every step of her journey has been riddled with the curious and others invading her space uninvited. If she has been verbal or upset; is it any wonder? What is one who only wants privacy and respect to do when that privacy and respect is violated with every step she takes? Should the people not just leave this woman alone and she then will leave them alone. She has done more for the cause of good in the past few weeks than most will in their lifetime whether she intended to or not. She has come all this way asking for nothing, accepting very little if any at all, she approaches no one, they approach her. No one knows her story but her and maybe that is as it should be. All the links to alleged proof of her wrong doing do not work (Curious). She has done what few can or even will do, and done it without harming anyone or herself. The only attention and threat is coming from the curious ones who pursue her. Be inspired if you choose, assist if you see her and if she accepts; but don't go out of your way to seek her out, respect her space and privacy. But mostly leave her alone. If she gives a message and you do not like or agree with it; you have the right and power to walk away; do not stand there debating with her and expect her when she feels threatened to do nothing. This woman has done no wrong; and intended or accidently, she has done much good. Leave her in peace. Most who have spoke with her tell of a very sweet and kind hearted soul; not the infirm or dangerous person that a few have tried to convince everyone of. Be good to each other, be good to her, and use whatever inspiration your God or conscience gives you to be a positive experience to others. This is what her story is truly all about.


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Photo by Emmy Lee Jenkins 2014

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