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Update: Spokane, Wash. dog ransomed for $60 returns home

Update: Spokane, Wash. dog ransomed for $60 returns home
Update: Spokane, Wash. dog ransomed for $60 returns home

On Monday, Jan. 13, KREM News reported that a missing 11-year-old Spokane, Wash. dog who was ransomed for $60 has been safely returned to her owner.

The missing dog, named "Susie Q," ran away from home in early January and returned home Monday night.

Her owner, Richard Whiteoak, was ecstatic when he heard a knock at his door and found his missing dog on a leash tied to his door knob.

The community joined together to help Whiteoak find his missing dog.

"I keep looking around to see where the dog is at and she's not there,” stated Whiteoak.

A man found Susie Q wandering the neighborhood and saw Whiteoak’s number on her collar, but he wasn't willing to return the dog for free. He brought Susie Q by Whiteoak's home, claimed that he had car trouble and needed cash to fix one of his tires.

Whiteoak offered to take the vehicle directly to a shop, but the man declined, saying he needed cash - and then he drove off with Susie Q.

“I'm worried about whether or not these people will take good care of her,” said Whiteoak.

Susie Q is Whiteoak's sole companion.

“She's a companion dog. Ever since my wife passed, she's all I've got here,” said Whiteoak.

The story of the stolen dog and her heartbroken guardian resonated with the animal community. News viewers from KREM 2 News offered to help Whiteoak get his stolen dog back - but he offered another idea.

“Well I'm glad they did but if they really want to help, I'd say they should go down to SCRAPS or SpokAnimal and donate some money to them,” he stated.

While the ordeal was stressful, Whiteoak prefers to see the positive and hopes that his story generates money to help others afford to have a pet.

Recently, several other stolen dogs have safely returned home. In December, a stolen Swiss Mountain dog in Texas safely returned home after she had been missing for six days and a stolen dog who had been missing for five years was finally returned to his home in North Carolina.

A Seattle family continues to search for their stolen dog, Deuce - even offering a $2500 reward for his safe return.

There are multiple resources for pet guardians with missing pets. The Missing Pet Partnership provides tips to find missing animals and 3 Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue helps people in Washington state locating their missing dogs and cats.

On Facebook, Help FIND Nahla, Stop Pet Theft, Helping Lost Pets, and Lost & Found Pets WA State are excellent resources for those whose animals are missing. These sites have helped countless missing dogs and cats find their way home once again.

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