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Update: Sadness persists in the eyes of the sick stray chased away by neighbors

Juan's eyes! Full of sadness and despair. He needs to feel he "belongs."
Juan's eyes! Full of sadness and despair. He needs to feel he "belongs."
Adriana Padilla

Tijuana, Mex. - A pitifully skinny, sick, stray dog - now named Juan - became an unwanted fixture in the neighborhood where he tried desperately to stay as near as possible to a woman who showed him a little kindness.

Juan needs help
Adriana Padilla

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Thankfully, Juan was removed from the danger he faced in that neighborhood by an animal-lover. He was taken to a vet in Tijuana the following morning. He must have been very ill because he wouldn't eat or drink. He was immediately put on IV fluids.

In addition, the vet said Juan was anemic and weak. His blood work indicated a chronic infection, which the vet suspects was brought on by Ehrlichia - the culprit being ticks. The vet is treating the infection with antibiotics.

Juan also seems to have sustained an injury to his paw or leg. Although the vet has scheduled an x-ray be performed, he wants to hold off on addressing this problem until his health is more stable.

Despite Juan's maladies, the vet reports that Juan is in better spirits compared to when he was first brought in. Although this is positive news, his eyes show signs of intense sadness - as if the love he once experienced is forever gone. Likely discarded like trash, Juan's deep love for his human continues. Such is the nature of the canine species.

Juan's personality is like any dog rescued from a life of extreme deprivation. He is described as very sweet. (See slideshow) He is also nonreactive to other dogs.

Those working closest with him say that whoever adopts Juan will have a dog who will understand that his new human saved his life, and that he will be grateful till his last breath.

Until that lucky family finds him, though, Juan needs continued vet care. He is also currently being boarded at the vet. Donations are needed to help with these costs. Anyone who can contribute to Juan's care is asked to send it by PayPal to Select "Send Money" and click on "I'm sending money to family or friends."

Any rescue that is willing to save this lovely boy is asked to contact Perla Ortegon by email at Transportation to San Diego is available.

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