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Update on the Napa, California, Earthquake

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The Napa, California, earthquake was 6.0 and there's serious damage to homes, stores, fire hydrants(could not get water), a trailer park, and many business.

Cars parked in a car port were destroyed when the roof came down on cars parked in it:The owners could not get their cars out until the roof of the car port was lifted off the cars.

Windows of stores were destroyed and had to be boarded-up with wood or other material; fire hydrants had no water because the underground water pipes were broken, the only water the fire department had was in their trucks; trailers in the trailer parks were destroyed by fire when their gas line broke; and many business and homes had their merchandise and personal items thrown on the floors.

There were fifty after shocks felt in the Napa area. The reason other areas did not feel the after shocks is because they were 3.0 or less if they were 4.0 or more, they would have been felt. After shocks could happen for a week or more after the main earthquake, according to people who study earthquakes.

This earthquake, according to people who study earthquakes, was the largest one in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980s, which caused much damaged.

It is still not the biggest earthquake that is expected in the area, according to the scientist that study earthquakes. In many communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, items in homes and business were thrown on the floor, but not as bad as the Napa Area.