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Update on sweet, starved dog on death row in Rowan County

Rest in Peace Bruce
Rest in Peace Bruce
Via Facebook

Bruce, a battered and thin pit bull mix, wore the evidence of his pitiful life on every portion of his gaunt body.

The beleaguered pit bull was housed at the Rowan County Animal Control in Salisbury, N.C., and he was supposed to have until Tuesday, Jan. 7, to be adopted or rescued.

As information about Bruce began to be networked via social networking, there was hope that Bruce would finally have the opportunity to know love and kindness...a rescue agency had been found and efforts were underway to remove him from the animal control facility.

Tragically, Bruce was killed at the animal control facility before his "due out" date because employees at the county facility stated that he was showing signs of sickness.

The individuals involved with the effort to save Bruce are devastated and angry that the dog who had obviously suffered far too much in his short life, would never know happiness because he was destroyed before that could happen.

Rest in peace Bruce.

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