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Update on shaking, frightened senior boxer at California animal control

On Wednesday, the shaking, elderly boxer who was held at the Downey Animal Care Center in Calif., was rescued and taken to a veterinarian in Costa Mesa.

The senior dog was able to leave the animal control facility thanks to the rescue agency, Sachi Animal Rescue.

Today, the elderly dog is no longer just a number - she is now known as Amazing Grace.

After Grace's departure from the facility, the rescue agency updated their followers with information about her veterinary exam at the Newport Harbor Animal Hospital:

Here are the initial exam notes: X-rays of head, chest and spine were taken. Chest x-rays didn’t show a significant infection, but there is possible mass. It may be in the medium steinum (tissue between bone and heart), thymus or heart. Spine x-rays showed either infection or a tumor in the vertebrae along with “horrid” arthritis.

Head x-rays were challenging as she did not sit still. The side of her nostril where the blood was coming from was clear, but there was possibly something visible in the other nostril. All X-rays are being sent to a radiologist for further examination. Five samples were aspirated from the growth on the teet and are being sent out for cytology by a pathologist. Senior panel sent out, which includes super chem. 27, cbc, urinalysis, heart worm test and thyroid levels.

Results from the multiple tests on Grace will determine what takes place next for her treatment. Though her road to recovery will be long, she now has a fighting chance.

Anyone who wishes to contribute towards her veterinary expenses can do so by:

PayPal to -

Please select - (sending money to family or friends) to avoid fees and please make a note that the donation is for "Amazing Grace" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING SAVE A LIFE!!! (every donation that puts their email will receive a tax receipt)

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