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Update on search for a home for Sherlock, dying woman's canine companion

Pat and her dog, Sherlock
Pat and her dog, Sherlock
Family photo contributed to National Dog News Examiner

Earlier this month, an article was published about a Fort Collins, Colo., woman who is facing the end of her life because of terminal breast cancer, and her quest to find a loving home for her canine best friend, "Sherlock."

Thousands of people not only read the story about Pat Cudd and Sherlock, but many people also reached out to offer the five-year-old pit bull mix a home. This week, the "perfect" family was found for Sherlock, but those working to make the placement a reality have encountered some difficulty.

The Facebook page, Saving Sherlock, which was established to help make this endeavor possible, posted an update about the potential new home on Tuesday - the post, in part, reads:

We found a wonderful local family for Sherlock, who we spoke with several times, we did reference checks and had scheduled a home visit for yesterday in the evening. We told Pat about this family several days ago and she was very excited to meet with them, especially since they want her to continue to be a part of Sherlocks life as long as she can. Pat was not feeling well yesterday and began having some difficulty with the thought of placing Sherlock.

This is completely understandable and we all feel for her. The adoptive family is wonderful and very understanding of her situation. They said to me this morning "we don't want Pat to look at it like she is losing Sherlock, we want her to look at it like she is gaining a family."

Yesterday was a difficult day for Pat. I spoke with her nurse/friend a lot today and it is thought that in addition to this very difficult time, the tumor in her brain may be causing her to be confused. She couldn't remember reaching out to us and asking for help at all or that there was a home visit scheduled for yesterday, or even that yesterday was Monday. I assure you, she has a wonderful and supportive team helping her and Sherlock. This also includes wonderful local rescue groups that I personally have worked with for years. She has friends that are willing to take her in as soon as Sherlock is placed in the wonderful home we have found for him. We are giving Pat some time and doing everything we can to address her current wishes and also ensure Pat and Sherlock's safety.

Pat and Sherlock have the support of a village right now - please continue to keep them both in your thoughts through this extraordinarily difficult time.

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