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Update on sad, senior German shepherd 'Jake'

Jake is free
Jake is free
Via Facebook

"Jake," a senior German shepherd, had been waiting to be rescued at the West Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center in Calif., since late February.

On Wednesday, the handsome 10-year-old shepherd was given his life-saving freedom ride thanks to Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary.

After Jake was released from the facility on Wednesday, the following update was posted:

Jake appears in great spirits. He is very thin, with hair loss, comparable to Ranger, a few skin conditions need addressing but we will make sure vet will run blood work to determine endocrinal, surface, or the result of poor nutrition. I am assuming flea or tick attacks with a chronic alopecia on hind quarters. I have seen dogs chew their own fur out as well so there may be a bit of all of the above going on.

We will certainly treat him as needed. Onsite vet reports his appetite is good and he exhibits no visible respiratory issues at this time.

My best educated guess at initial viewing is he simply needs some good ole TLC and great food.

His mobility is sound and he had no difficulty jumping into my SUV with only a little boost.

Networking and the ability of a rescue organization to to pull Jake from the animal control facility have given this still "full of life" senior the opportunity to live out the rest of his days.

Prior story about Jake here.

Jake's rescuers on Facebook here.

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