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Update on Girl Scouts and the Diocese of Orlando

The "update on Girl Scout organization" article was on the Diocese website from February 28 to March 3.  The link was provided in an email burst sent February 28, 2014.
The "update on Girl Scout organization" article was on the Diocese website from February 28 to March 3. The link was provided in an email burst sent February 28, 2014.
email from the Diocese of Orlando

As promised in my previous article, "Diocese of Orlando denies Girl Scouts / Planned Parenthood relationship", I wrote an email to Dennis Johnson at the diocese., asking several questions regarding the extent of the research done into the alleged relationship.

Evidently, I was not the only one.

After receiving many emails, both from within the diocese as well as from people as distant as Texas and Missouri, the Diocese of Orlando has apparently scrubbed the "update on Girl Scout organization" webpage from the entire diocesan website.

No reason has been given for the scrubbing of the website, but one might conclude it would have something to do with the wealth of information submitted to the diocese as evidence of multiple links between the Girl Scouts and the pro-choice movement (most notoriously exemplified by Planned Parenthood). Among such evidence sent to the diocese:

  • From Orlando: "Did you speak to any Catholic parents throughout the diocese who have decided that their children's souls would be better served (and saved) in a Girl Scouts alternative (e.g. "Little Flowers") that holds to authentic Catholic teaching?"
  • From Ocala: "Membership has plunged in GSUSA in the last decade from 3 million to 2 million reported to be mainly due to families of integrity who refuse to allow their young girls to be exposed to the influence of Planned Parenthood’s agenda which includes decades of projects involving GSUSA members in glorifying sexual promiscuity, abortion-promoting conferences, public demand for more youth access to abortion, and many, many other nefarious and untenable activities too numerous to record in one letter."
  • From Missouri: "I am the mom of a former 4th generation Girl Scout, and creator of, a site that documents pro-life concerns about the Girl Scouts, using current documentation from Girl Scouts own resources. I speak and present on this issue around the country, including as a featured presenter at the National Right to Life Convention for 2013 and the upcoming 2014."
  • From Texas: "Regarding the diocese' statement that Anna Maria Chavez is a "devout Catholic" please see:"
  • From several sources: "Please see this video refuting GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chavez's recent statements:"
  • Finally, from the 2009 Florida Respect Life Conference (which was sponsored by the Diocese of Orlando that year and held in Lake Mary): Patricia Bainbridge (of Life Decisions International) gave a workshop called "Language of the Body: a Mixed Message", which focused on the types of pamphlets and other resources being handed out by Planned Parenthood at our public schools and Girl Scout meetings. She is very well-informed about the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood, as well as having been previously vetted by the Diocese as an expert on such pro-life matters.

To date, none of those who have emailed the diocese about the Girl Scouts have received a response. It is yet-to-be-seen if a retraction of the update will be included in the next e-scroll, due Friday, March 7.

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