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Update on dogs seized from Golden S. Rescue and how you can help

Deborah Lynn Sheridan charged with 2nd offense ill treatment of animals
Deborah Lynn Sheridan charged with 2nd offense ill treatment of animals
Anderson County Sheriff's Office

This is an update on the more than 100 dogs and cats seized from an Easley, South Carolina rescue, WYFF4 reported February 20.

More details have surfaced on Golden S. Rescue and the owner, Deborah Lynn Sheridan. This Examiner article covered the original story.=

This investigation began a few weeks ago when Sheridan was arrested for ill treatment of animals. Officers seized 11 dogs that day, whom they felt were in danger of dying.

Sheridan was given two weeks to correct conditions in her rescue, but when Anderson County Sheriff's Department paid a repeat visit on February 19, Sheridan was once again arrested for ill treatment of animals because according to officials there was no improvement in living conditions for the dogs.

One dog died yesterday while officials were at the home. Nearly 100 more dogs were seized, and also more than a dozen cats were removed from the home.

According to Sheila Cole of the Anderson County Sheriff's Department said that 50-60 dogs were emaciated. Several dogs were covered in feces, with many having sores on their body. Horses and wolves were also found on the property.

Sheridan is defending Golden S. Rescue, explaining the dogs in her care may have been sick or old, but that's no reason to press charges again the owner. She is set to go before the judge for ill treatment of animals second degree.

This isn't the first time bad news has come out of Golden S. Rescue. Click here to see a list of people who reported their experience on a site called Great Non-Profits, who had done business with Sheridan, including adoption of a rescue dog. Several have stated problems dating back as far back as 2012.

Sheridan is planning to fight the charges against her, and also to have her animals returned to her rescue. She says the reason the dogs were all in bad health is because that's the condition they were in when they were rescued from the shelter.

Until the courts can sort everything out, the dogs and cats will be housed at Anderson County P.A.W.S. This is the shelter system for the Anderson County area.

Sheridan is set to go to court March 31, where she's facing three charges of ill treatment of animals second offense. Sheila Cole with Anderson County Sheriff's Office states second offense will mean a more severe punishment.

Anderson County P.A.W.S. has announced it will remain closed the remainder of the week in order to evaluate the dogs. A spokesperson for the shelter said the dogs won't be going up for adoption any time soon and that only one of the dogs seized is considered healthy enough to be adopted out.

Anderson P.A.W.S. encourages people who want to help through adoption to visit the shelter once it reopens and adopt a dog that has been in their care since before the rescue arrivals. This will free up space for the new dogs.

The shelter is also in need of Pedigree or Purina dog and puppy foods, as this is easier on upset tummies.

Should a donation need to be dropped off during non-business hours, they can be left by the front door. Anderson County P.A.W.S. is located at 1320 Highway 29 S., Anderson SC 29626. This is also the mailing address for those who wish to mail donations. An Amazon wish list can be found by clicking here.

More articles to come as more information becomes available. You can also stay up to date via the Anderson County P.A.W.S. Facebook page.

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