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Update on Dallas (Obanion) Williams's case: 6 y/o autistic child was facing possible felony charges

Dallas (Obanion) Williams is no longer facing felony charges as of February 25, 2010!
Dallas (Obanion) Williams is no longer facing felony charges as of February 25, 2010!
Tina Obanion


  • Evelyn 6 years ago

    Hello, I have two children on the autism spectrum. I heard about situations like what Dallas is going through, but I am shocked that it's becoming a common thing. Very sad. Your article is very informative. Thank you.

  • Heather E. Sedlock 6 years ago

    Evelyn, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I, too, was so shocked to hear of so many cases. After speaking with Mr. Robinson, I had an attorney friend of mine do a search and he found over 100 cases where children under the age of 18 were facing felony assault charges stemming from a physical restraint process. The majority (over 80 I believe) of the cases were children with autism.

    I can understand where this process is needed by criminal justice personnel and by residential treatment personnel, etc. when the children are combative, assaulting ALREADY... but this use is totally wrong and there's a better way of ensuring an autistic child does not "meltdown."

  • Concerned 6 years ago

    If parents are concerned about inappropriate punishments being meted out to their children, I suggest they contact an attorney who specializes in Special Education law immediately.

    It is certainly NOT UNUSUAL for teachers and paraprofessionals being assaulted by out of control children.

    Happens commonly within schools throughout the US all the time.

    Talk to a teacher who works with SpEd kids.

    That being said, the schools and police need policies in place with dealing with such occurrences.

    Of course, with biting one worries about HIV.

    This is an important topic and thanks for writing the column.

  • Heather E. Sedlock 6 years ago


    Thanks for commenting. You're certainly right. There are reasons for physical restraint to be used at times. However, I just can't understand why it took two full-size grown ups to hold down a frail 62 lb boy. In THIS case, I don't think it was warranted.

    As far as attorneys, in this case, the mom was a single mom with at least two special needs boys... cost of medical care sapping up anything she may have earned as "extra" that could have paid for an attorney. Lay Person Advocates are the next step but even some of those are or can be expensive. Some do the work pro bono for as long as they can but need funding to ensure they can help cover costs such as court filing fees and what not.

    I was able to confirm with the hotline in CO that a call had been made to report possible, suspected abuse for Dallas on behalf of his mother and just as she said they were unable to investigate it because she didn't have enough information about the claim. She did what she could.

  • angela 6 years ago

    The charges against Dallas may have been dropped but I can assure you it will happen again. My daughter was arrested 2 times at school. Both times she threw a book at the teacher. Both times her BIP was violated. Both times the behavior could have been avoided if the school followed the BIP and understood the disability. Both times the teacher was not hurt (as per own own words in the police report). The second time she was charged with a felonly.

  • Carmella M. Palmieri 6 years ago

    Although autistic children can be hard to handle, our school personell need to learn how to better cope with an autistic child instead of trying to restrain them. To charge this child with a felony is a CRIME!! Maybe he was trying to protect himself from being restrained. In 2007 my child was "restrained" by a school staff member causing a spiral break in my child's arm. My child also told me he went to sleep after the break but I believe the 270 lb woman that was on top of my 70 lb. child may have been the culprit of his unconsiousness. It is hard to get the WHOLE story when your child has limited verbal skills and ends up getting so worked up thinking about it that he just breaks down. Stand up and advocate for your child now!! They can't do it themselves.

  • Concerned-Parent 6 years ago

    Wow! Dallas,could have been hurt more, or worse, died. A child's air can be shut-off when improperly restrained. That type of restraint isn't even used @ Heartland & the State Hosp. I worked @ Heartland for 6 yrs & family that works @ the state hosp. This school system didn't work well with my child, either. My child has ADD, Speech/Sound Disorders & severe developmental delay. After 5 yrs of spec. ed & IEPs my child was still @ a K-grade level. Since all this we moved & the new school district works well with her and her behaviors. She has only had one incident of severe behavior all yr. They were able to talk her down and resume class. I have had many issues w/ the principal of Bryan Elementary & that school admits no faults with anything. They couldn't even explain why she was 9 w/ a K-grade academic level. It's not even been a yr yet @ the new school and she is @ a 2nd grade academic level. As, far as I'm concered that school is of poor value & quality.

  • JerryStephen™ 5 years ago

    I see you're back posting under phoney names again, huh Mikey? This is name #53 here, but I know you're over there on MIC with your other fake names and frankly, you're not worth the effort to count all your different aliases. Is your NASCAR pit crew, crew chief, and chief mechanic over there, too?

    Midnight In Chicago is an "international tourism and culture initiative" that does NOTHING for tourism and has ZERO cultural benefit to anybody. What MIC does or says is irrelevant and insignificant, since all Elyse Bruce seems to know is how to do is to buddy up with the likes of you, a confirmed FRAUD, and others who admit they're AFRAID to use their real names or post anywhere else other than MIC. You both use the same M.O. -- you whine about being attacked when in fact you're doing most of the attacking.

    I find it hilarious that you ALL complain that nobody is answering any questions on MIC -- the truth is, nobody is paying any attention to you there other than to read the latest desperate post and laughing at how pathetic you are all sounding. We don't respond any more because you're not worth responding TO. *shrugs*

    I'm sure once Heather gets the links above working you'll pull this off your "WALL" , since exposing your few "real" believers to the hypocrisy and fraudulent claims you make wouldn't be good for your "cash flow"...

    Remember, Mikey... We have the supporting documents from REAL attorneys, REAL 'ex-clients' of yours, REAL court documents. I can't wait to meet you in court and see you present your "proof" from MIC's altered screenshots and soap opera conspiracy theories.

  • Profile picture of Heather Sedlock
    Heather Sedlock 5 years ago

    MIC has not "proven" that I've lied. Ever.

    And I never said I didn't publish this article or deny that I wrote it first. In fact, I mentioned that this was the article that I published and then began to be bombarded by people coming forward to tell me more information about Mr. Robinson. At the time of the second article, there were 75 families that had come forward. If it had been just one or two, it could have been written off as just one of those things that happen from time to time. Parents are unhappy with the results and there wasn't anything an advocate could do otherwise. Since the second article was published, even more families have come forward with information.

    This was not such a case. I stand by my word and have the documentation to prove it all.

  • Heather E. Sedlock 5 years ago

    Looks like the comment Jerry and I replied to has been removed. I did not delete it and so either a) the person who left it deleted it or b) it has been reported and decided to delete it.

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