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Update on Bobby the dog in the box in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bobby the dog rescued from the box
Bobby the dog rescued from the box
Forever Lennox

There has been breaking news on the story of Bobby, the dog confined to a box in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Apparently due to much public outcry Brenda Kupchick of the Connecticut State Legislature stepped up on behalf of Bobby. Showing her true colors as an animal advocate she published this first hand experience of how she approached the case and got help for Bobby who is no longer confined to a box but allowed inside the house with his owners.

In the words of Brenda Kupchick:

"I took notice late last week to a story that broke over the Internet and then through local news about a young dog confined 24/7 to a outdoor shelter in Bridgeport.

As I followed the story I became increasingly concerned. I reached out to my colleague, Rep Auden Grogins from Bridgeport. I decided to go have a look myself on Sunday.

I drove up to the condo complex directly behind the home which affords a clear view of the backyard and the shelter where the dog is kept.

I viewed the backyard and was soon greeted by several neighbors. I was updated on their recent observations.

I spent two hours talking with neighbors and viewed the property again. I saw no sign that a dog was using the backyard and saw the structure wouldn't allow an animal fresh air, a view to the outside or enough room to adequately exercise.

I shared this information with the Department of Agriculture, Rep. Auden Grogins, and reached out to Bridgeport Animal Control.

This morning and throughout the day, I had many conversations with the Dept of Agriculture, Rep. Grogins and Bridgeport Animal control.

After reviewing the state statue it was determined the owner was violating the tethering and confinement law and could be fined.

Bridgeport Animal Control and Bridgeport Police have been out to the home over a dozen times and went out to the home twice today.

The family has been informed of the violation and concern of the public.

According to Animal Control, neighbors and supporters that spoke to the family tonight, the family wants to make changes and comply with the law and address the concerns.

Animal Control and supporters of the dog, "Bobby" are scheduled to meet with the family again tomorrow to discuss those changes.

I share the deep concern for this young dog and will be closely monitoring the situation along with Rep. Auden Grogins, and the Department of Animal Control in the coming days to ensure the dog is safe."

Kudos to Brenda Kupchick for taking a stand for animals, and kudos to all the neighbors of Bobby who were willing to get involved as well as everyone on FB who took the story and ran with it in an attempt to get Bobby out of his dismal home life.

They say it takes a village to save a child or an animal and this little village was very powerful and affective.

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