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Update on Banyan the blind pit bull: Life is better

Banyan has settled into life in Nashville.
Nashville Dog Rescue Examiner

Back in January, I posted an article about an abused pit bull that was almost completely blind and in need of foster care. And eventually, a home.

Banyan plucked at the heart strings of many in the Volunteer State. He had dozens of email responses from kind-hearted folks who wanted to find out more. Just to see if he was okay or to offer help.

"It wasn't easy to find the right situation for Banyan," said Bobbi who was the master coordinator behind his escape from an overcrowded shelter in Georgia. "But we finally found the perfect foster home. One that did not have any other dogs. And actually, the young man had just lost his own pit bull to old age. It was a perfect match where two souls found solace in each other."

In no time, Bobbi and the driver who delivered him to his new temporary home received photos of Banyan curled up on his new sofa. Followed by snapshots of him enjoying a huge bone. Nothing beats the life of a rescue dog and no dog deserved a soft bed more than this special guy.

Sadly, when Banyan was pulled from the shelter he tested positive for heart worms. His treatments are almost done. More testing will determine if any heart worms remain.

The good news is that this loveable dog is ready for his permanent home. He has proven to be highly adaptable and gets around easily despite his limited vision. Blind dogs are wonderful at using memory and smell to maneuver the house.

If you would like to donate to the remainder of Banyan's vet bill or inquire about adoption, please contact Bobbi at

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