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Update on alleged sex assault cover up in Maryville, Missouri

Coleman claims Barnett raped her after giving her several alcoholic beverages

Nodaway County Prosecutor, Robert Rice who dropped charges against alleged rapist Matthew Barnett has announced that he has asked for a special prosecutor to review the allegations made by 14-year-old Daisy Coleman. Coleman says she was raped in January of 2012 by the Maryville football player, and grandson of a former Republican Missouri State Representative Rex Barnett.

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous got attention when they decided to launch “OpMaryville” in support of the victim Daisy Coleman. Coleman, has also spoken out publically in support of prosecuting Matthew Barnett.

Now because of the national attention and outrage among many on social media, the lieutenant governor and House speaker even added their two cents and called for the attorney general in Missouri to intervene and for a grand jury to be impaneled.

Furthermore, another teenager is speaking out, her name is Paige Parkhurst, she was with Daisy Coleman, at Coleman’s home the night of the alleged rape. After Coleman had been texting with Barnett, the two of them decided that they were going to sneak out and go to Barnett’s home.

Parkhurst, claims another young man that was at Barnett’s home raped her that night as well. The prosecution claims that they did not move forward with charges because the victims did not cooperate, however, both Coleman and Parkhurst have denied that.

Coleman’s family claims they were harassed, bullied, and intimidated by many in the town after reporting the rape. Their home was even burned down, and Daisy’s mother Melinda was fired from her job for no apparent reason. They have since moved away from Maryville.

Coleman, also wrote an online essay and claims that on social media many people in the town called her a “skank” and some encouraged her to commit suicide.

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