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Update on a dog named Sue: Rescue seeking foster family for miracle dog

Sue needs a foster home in the Orange County, California area
Sue needs a foster home in the Orange County, California area
Facebook: Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Sue, the beautiful pit bull rescued earlier this month by Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, is ready for a foster home. The rescue posted an update April 21 via their Facebook page.

The story of Sue went viral after major drama unfolded at the San Bernadino Animal Shelter. Sue came very close to being euthanized back on April 3 as she suffered pneumonia while under the care of the facility.

Animal activist Maria Sanchez made the news in a viral post as her arrest by San Bernadino police was caught on video. Maria for trying to get emergency treatment for Sue when shelter staff called the police. Maria, who weighs less than 100 pounds, was injured by police and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Sue was rescued after receiving emergency veterinary care. Coastal made sure Sue received the love and care necessary to save her life. Now Sue has been cleared to leave the vet clinic, as tomorrow will be her final day on medication used to clear up a bad case of pneumonia.

Diana with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue commented

"We would love to find this little one a foster home, instead of sending her into boarding. Can you open your home for a tiny girl who is very sweet and could greatly benefit from some TLC?"

A foster in the Orange County, California is needed, and an application to apply to offer Sue a temporary home can be found by clicking here. Please share this article with friends in the Orange County area. Sue deserves to recover in a home environment, rather than being placed into a boarding facility.

You can follow Sue on the Facebook: Coastal German Shepherd Rescue page. Previous articles on Sue, as well as Maria Sanchez, can be found under "suggested by the author" following this article.

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