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Update! More stalking Bigfoot in the Hudson Valley: Part 2

Fortean author, Bruce Hallenbeck and paranormal/psychic investigator, Johnny Angel, made important presentations during the recent Bigfoot update session convened by the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley (BRHV) on May 15, 2014 at The Enchanted Cafe, Redhook, NY.

Plaster casts of very large footprints. One is almost 19'.
Plaster casts of very large footprints. One is almost 19'.
courtesy C.S. Matthews
Sample books at recent Bigfoot presentation in Red Hook, NY
courtesy C.S.Matthews

Johnny Angel, who investigates hauntings and other paranormal activity in Dutchess Co, and who also hosts Psychic Dinners at The Enchanted Cafe and other local Hudson Valley eateries, presented his intuitive photographic evidence taken at the focus property in Pine Plains. Angel, who is experienced in psychic photography, explained how intuitive photography works and how images can be captured by the camera which cannot be seen easily by the naked eye. He provided a number of examples taken from that property that seem to show anomalous images in key areas of the site.

Bruce Hallenbeck, who recently authored Monsters of New York, shared his family's experiences with the Kinderhook Creature, a reported Bigfoot like being that was reported around Kinderhook, NY in the early 1980's. Hallenbeck's family was at the center of the reported encounters and his grandmother's account made the national news, although, much to Bruce's chagrin, he never actually saw the creature. He did hear some very strange sounds coming out of the woods, however.

Hallenbeck also shared information about research that he's conducted on "Champ," the Loch Ness like creature that has been reported in and around Lake Champlain, NY, as well as many other stories, including aliens, little people and well, just weird stuff. He reflected that it rather excited him to know that Bigfoot was being seen again in NY, even if it's a bit south of his home. Maybe, just maybe, this time, he might be able to see something.

There were many questions from the audience, and it seemed clear that lots of people there had their own stories to tell. Later, Beatty provided additional information to those individuals who might want to begin keeping track of any physical evidence connected with their own experiences.

What can the public do to help you collect evidence their experiences/accounts?

"What can the public do to help collect evidence? I would suggest purchasing a Blackout Trail Cam with night vision and place it near a game trail near a water source. I also would suggest buying a voice activated audio recorder to take with you in the field.

Be aware of your environment. Listen for wood knocks and rock clacking as well as whistles and growls. Sasquatch are notorious imitators and have been known to copy the calls of owls, coyote, turkey, frogs and various other creatures. They have even been heard sounding like a train whistle and the high pitched squeals of the brakes of an 18 wheeler. Their vocalizations vary in tone and pitch and have been described by eyewitnesses in many different ways.

You will be looking for tracks in a variety of substrate so be cautious where you step. When a track is found remove any leaf litter from the center cast and mix up your Plaster of Paris. Pour in the mixture and spread it out evenly. Let the cast set for 20-30 minutes before removing it gently by digging out the entire cast with a shovel. You will then allow the cast to completely dry out for several days before you can remove all of the dirt and debris from the underside.

It’s also a good idea to bring a tape measure for tracks. They walk in a different way than a human and it is called an inline trackway. Their feet have a mid-tarsal break and people need to measure the space between the tracks. When you collect samples of hair, scat or other possible items containing DNA, make sure you use sterile gloves and place the specimens in clean bags that will then to into the freezer. I would also suggest that you photograph and document every find.

I have been receiving many calls of possible activity this Spring which includes visuals, vocalizations and loud banging on the side of homes late at night. People have also reported their garbage cans being rummaged through so make sure to keep all household garbage securely placed in a shed or garage to reduce temptation."

This last point of keeping track of refuse is a good bit of advice in any case. There have also been numerous reports of Black Bear around of late, and they can also be very attracted to garbage, although they don't generally pound on the sides of houses to get at it.

As Beatty indicates, the physical search for Bigfoot can be exhausting. But this careful work needs to be done in order to establish what evidence can be had and to differentiate it from that left by other animals who are beginning to interact with humans more and more as we encroach on habitat.

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