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Update! More stalking Bigfoot in the Hudson Valley: Part 1

On May 15, 2014, Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley ( BRHV) presented their latest research into a series of provocative encounters cryptid encounters that have been spreading through northern Dutchess Co, NY over the last year.

Saplings and small trees that have been previously straight but are now purposely bent into archways.
courtesy Gayle Beatty
Gayle Beatty of Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley
courtesy Gayle Beatty

About every 2-3 months, Gayle Beatty, the founder of BRHV, generally along with invited guests, has been meeting with the public at The Enchanted Cafe in Redhook, NY to provide information about the possibility of Sasquatch in their midst. That night, the place was packed.

The two most significant points made that evening included the researchers choosing to reveal that, while there was clear physical evidence from a number of encounter sites, including multiple odd footprints, interesting stick formations and animal remains left in rather unusual conditions (mutilated and "stacked"), the principle witness, whose property has been the central focus of investigation, has also reported unusual paranormal elements connected to his encounters, that cannot be separated easily from the physical signs.

These paranormal elements include electromagnetic and ultrasound disturbances, some of which have been measured, strange lights in the sky and in the woods around where the encounters occur, and the apparent ability of the creatures to appear and disappear, as evidenced by tracks.There also remains the stubborn issue of camera/video malfunction when the "phenomenon" is about. These elements have been reported in many Bigfoot encounters, despite the tendency of some researchers to argue for a simple flesh and blood creature, and reflect the oldest Native traditions regarding such beings.

The other important observation was that the reports seem to be increasing, or at least people are becoming less afraid of talking about what they have been experiencing for awhile. In addition to the acceleration of events at the focus property, which is in Pine Plains, more reports have been coming in from Upper Red Hook, Pleasant Valley, and Tivoli. In fact, some of the reported sightings have come uncomfortably close to Beatty's house.

However elusive the reported creatures might be, Beatty did emphasize that there are some physical signs to look for which could provide indication about whether the strange thing you heard or saw might qualify as a possible Bigfoot encounter.

It seems as if reported experiences with Sasquatch are currently expanding within the target areas in Dutchess Co--what are a couple of the most common signs that Bigfoot might be in your area?

"The most common signs that Bigfoot might be in your area will be Stick structures which would include snapped off and twisted branches sometimes as high as 15" in the air. The creatures also build ambush spots to hide behind either for hunting blinds or to observe humans. They use deadfall and place it strategically in the forest often near creeks and ponds.

You may also notice sapling trees in an arch shape. It is believed that these are some kind of marker to let other clans know this is their area. They also use stones to mark an area often placing them in patterns.

The best place to start searching for signs is to locate a water source. They often are observed eating fresh fish as well as clams, crawfish and frogs. They feed on Muskrat, beaver, ducks, geese rabbit and deer as well as domestic animals. They also enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables when in season.

You may be fortunate enough to come across a nest which they construct of sticks, branches and leaves as well as pine needles. These nests can be very large and you must be cautious upon approaching one. Often they will leave their young inside while they are off hunting prey. Do not disturb the nest in any way and leave the area promptly.

I also forgot to mention the smell of these creatures. They emit a very pungent odor when they are near, best described as a musky skunk like odor."

This odor is something that seems to be very commonly reported, particularly in close encounters. In Florida, they call their reported Bigfoot fauna the "skunk ape" because of this characteristic smell.

Part 2 will cover Beatty's suggestions for evidence collection and additional information provided by Johnny Angel and Fortean author Bruce Hallenbeck, who also made presentations at the gathering.

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