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Update: Great Dane involved in dog park fight near Wentzville, Mo. surrendered

A Golden retriever much like this one was recently killed at local dog park
A Golden retriever much like this one was recently killed at local dog park
Morguefile / pippalou

On March 30, 2014, Nick Andes took his 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Buddy, to Quail Ridge Dog Park, near Wentzville, Mo. It was the first time they had been there and it ended tragically. Buddy was attacked by a Great Dane and died, as his owner tried desperately to save him. The owner of the Great Dane disappeared, but according to a update on April 1, 2014, the Great Dane has been surrendered.

An estimated 75 people witnessed the horrific attack, but in all of the chaos, no one managed to get license plate number of the Great Dane’s owner. The man and his dog simply disappeared. Nick Andes believes all of the media coverage and social media sharing forced the owner to turn the Great Dane in. The story circulated Facebook and other social media outlets, receiving cries of outrage from commenters.

Witnesses at the dog park have stated that there may have even been a third dog involved in the fatal attack. The parks department is requesting that anyone that may have a video, pictures or any information about the attack, contact St. Charles Animal Control at 636-949-7387.

Quail Ridge Dog Park, just like other dog parks, has rules that aggressive dogs are not allowed in the off-leash area. Owners are also legally responsible for their dogs while they are at the park, but that doesn’t mean that every owner will pay attention to such rules.

Even though the Great Dane is being held at St. Charles Animal Control, there is yet no word as to what will happen to the dog or if charges will be brought against his owner. The attack is still being investigated by officers of animal control.

Though many have stated they will no longer be taking their pets to a dog park, many others will still use the facilities. Be aware of your surroundings and watch any interactions that your dog has with other dogs inside an off-leash park. As is this case, it only takes a few seconds for tragedy to occur.

"It breaks my heart to see so many homeless, mistreated or lost pets. I try to do my part to help them, by educating the public in pet health and care. I also help however I can to reunite lost pets with the owners. This article is one way of helping." Donna also writes about pet care from personal experience with her own two fur babies. Subscribe above to follow what she writes or contact her at

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