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Update: Dublin-Laurens Humane Society Shelter

very cute dog resting on a tire
very cute dog resting on a tire

The following are excerpts from an article written by the author on April 27, 2010, regarding inhumane conditions at the Dublin-Laurens Animal Shelter in Dublin, Georgia.

04/27/2010---"The Dublin-Laurens Humane Society has been awarded a $20,000 Second Chance Grant, courtesy of the American Humane Association, to help care for 71 dogs in southern Mississippi. The Dublin-Laurens Shelter is providing medical treatment and care for the mixed-breed dogs ranging from six months to seven years old, which are being held at the shelters facility [and an unnamed boarding kennel].

Stated by Irene Sumner,"When we first got these dogs, some would cower to people, and now they come running when they hear spmeone coming to them. To see them jumping and playing and enjoying the life they might never have had if we hadn't taken them is wonderful."

Excerpts from letter to Irene Sumner, Laurens County Humane Society Manager, written and mailed by the author on September 9, 2011:

**Quotes and comments contained in letter: **It is alledged that Dublin-Laurens Humane Society kills 80-90% of the animals that enter their facility. Reports of verification have been requested but they (management), have refused to release any numbers. Most of the funding comes from tax dollars.

** It is reported by management, in a newspaper article that your adoption rate is in the neighborhood of 2% and that Dublin-Laurens does not have any "marketing method in place for the animals."

** In another example at website, you do not have any pets listed for adoption and you offer to illustrate a map to your facility but no map or link is accessible.

** Animals' pictures are not posted online or on any adoption site and this includes lost pets picked up by animal control which, all too often have the animals in hot crowded trucks and are not offered shade or water. The have no Facebook presence and do not feature, post or market any animals whatsoever. When asked, they say they do not have time. Their staff is estimated between 5 and 9 employees. There have been reports that one or more "whistleblowers" can attest to the bodies of cats sold for dissection.

** It is believed that Dublin-Laurens kills 80-90% of the animals that enter the facility.

** The real possibility exists of employees who are not licensed, administering euthanasia. Licensing is not a requirement under Georgia law; however, anyone doing the killing must be trained and supervised by a veterinarian. However, this is not the case. A board member who is a veterinarian signs off on the euthanasia but is not present.

The letter concludes by stating that the above mentioned allegations/accusations, are random offerings concerning alleged improprieties directed at Dublin-Laurens. There is also suspicion of a possible conflict of interest with Ms. Sumner's company, Creature Comforts.

Ms. Sumner was offered the opportunity to contact this author via email or telephone to plead her case and allow her side to be told. However, at this writing, no correspondence whatsever has been received. Ms. Sumner is still invited, and encouraged to contact the author regarding these issues.

Please sign and share this petition: This is targeted at the city of Dublin, Georgia and Laurens County, Georgia (both provide tax dollars to operate the facility); we are advocating for No Kill

Please join and share No Kill Dublin, Georgia to fight for the animals and hold the administrators accountable:


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