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Update: David Barton is still a big fat liar

David Barton
David Barton

This has happened too many times for it to continue to be chalked up to catastrophic stupidity.

David Barton has once again attempted to push as fact a story of supposed persecution of Christians in America that has already been disproved.

This time, it's the story of Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk, who claims he was relieved of duty for disagreeing with a lesbian commander over the issue of gay marriage, though a military investigation has already found those claims to be baseless.

In fact, according to a statement by the Air Force, Monk had not been removed, period. He had been reassigned to another unit.

During his radio program last week, David Barton, already known to be a big fat liar, repeated Monk's claim anyway.

According to Barton, Monk's commander "read him his Miranda Rights ... for not affirming homosexuality ... For refusing to affirm openly homosexuality and gay marriage, she gets him demoted and gets him knocked off his post and they read him his Miranda Rights telling him that a criminal investigation is now under way."

Back in that thing called reality that Barton so greatly detests, Monk was actually read his Miranda Rights during the investigation because he was suspected of lying about the entire thing, a violation Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Apparently, Barton believes that thing about not bearing false witness in the Bible doesn't apply to him.

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